Who is Molefi Monaisa aka Wallet from Skeem Saam?


Molefi Monaisa is a 52-year-old South African actor best known for portraying Wallet in SABC1 drama series Skeem Saam. His acting career started in theatre productions including The Rivonia Trial and Madam President. After that he appeared in other television serials such as Strike Back, Ga re Dumele, One Way and Lockdown.

Biography Facts

Molefi Monaisa who plays Wallet from Skeem Saam.
Image of Molefi Monaisa who plays Wallet from Skeem Saam.

Full name: Molefi Monaisa
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1971 (age – 52 years old)
Place of birth: Potchefstroom, North West Province
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actor
TV Shows: Skeem Saam, Lockdown, Ga Re Dumele
Marital status: Single

Early life of Molefi Monaisa

Molefi Monaisa was born in a small town of Potchefstroom, North West Province in South Africa in 1971. He was raised in that town of Potchefstroom together with his two older sisters and a younger brother. He wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor when he was younger, but his parents couldn’t afford to send him to university.

Education of Molefi Monaisa

Molefi attended his primary and secondary school for basic education probably in the North West Province in Potchefstroom. After matric he couldn’t do a course he always wanted, a course that has to do with humanitarian aid and issues, such as a lawyer or doctor. So he proceeded to the Method Actors Centre in Pretoria for dramatic arts training after high school. That’s when he began his career in the entertainment sector, appearing in a variety of plays.

Acting career of Molefi Monaisa

Molefi Monaisa on Blockbuster like wall picture.
Molefi Monaisa on Blockbuster like wall picture.

His acting career started in theatre productions including The Rivonia Trial and the most recent on his list, Madam President. While he was busy with theatre, he was concurrently appearing in other television serials and drama comedies. Which include playing Daniel Phute in the SABC3 comedy series ‘One Way’ from 2006 to 2007.

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He starred as Amos Tshabalala, the General Manager of Station Siyaya, in the SABC2 sitcom Konsternasie Oppie Stasie in 2009. In 2011, his friend Africa Tsoai who plays John Maputla in Skeem Saam, told him about the role on the show, that they wanted someone who would portray Wallet. “Africa informed me that Skeem Saam was on the lookout for someone to play Wallet. “I went to auditions and they phoned me a month later to tell me I won the part,” Molefi adds.[ ¹]

Apart from portraying Wallet from Skeem Saam who speaks fluent English, Molefi played the role of Smokey in the SABC2 sitcom Ga Re Dumele from season 3 to season 6. The sitcom was created and produced by Martin Koboekae and 24 Hours Productions. It revolves around an elderly couple clinging to their last child whilst trying to make their own love grow.

He again appeared as Marcus Radebe in Strike Back season 2, a British-American action television series created as a spin-off of the original UK series Strike Back. It follows the actions of Section 20, a secret branch of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), particularly two of its officers, Michael Stonebridge and former American Delta Force operative Damian Scott. Molefi’s other television serials include The Throne, Thola, Society, Lockdown, Konsternasie Oppie Stasie Season 1 playing Amos Tshabalala, Impilo: The Scam and Hillside. [ ²]

Personal life of Molefi Monaisa

Molefi is not married and do not have children. He believes he is more focused on his career because he does not have a wife or children.

How Molefi manages to speak with British accent?

Image of Mr Molefi Monaisa playing Wallet from Skeem Saam.
Image of Mr Molefi Monaisa playing Wallet from Skeem Saam.

On the episode, Molefi had a great British accent, as if he lived in the country for a few years. “For those who are interested, I did not grow up in the United Kingdom. I had to teach myself the accent. Skeem Saam wanted someone with an accent, so I did my part, and they liked it,” he explained.

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