About Robert Ngwenya age, wife and politics

Robert Ngwenya is a South African entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and politician. He is popularly known for being the ANC representative and leader in Ward 5 in the Madibeng Sub Region in North West. He was also appointed North West provincial chairman of the Villages, Townships and Small Dorpies Chamber of Commerce in 2016 and still holds that position.

Ngwenya is the founder and CEO of a company called 20Elevation – a construction and landscaping business established in 2011. In 2021 his wife was arrested for attempting to assassinate him.

Biography Facts

Robert Ngwenya aka Mugabe Ngwenya in a nice portrait.
Image of Robert Ngwenya aka Mugabe Ngwenya in a nice portrait.

Full name: Robert Ngwenya
Gender: Female
Date of birth: unknown
Age: unknown
Place of birth: North West Province
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Businessman, Author, Philanthropist, Politician
Political part: ANC
Position: North West Provincial Chairman
Spouse: Zinhle Mabena

Early life of Robert Ngwenya

Robert Ngwenya was born in North West Province in South Africa. There is little information of how he developed interest in politics or where he obtained his education. But there are higher chances that he obtained his education in the institutions in the north West region.

According to his biography, he once lived in the streets and started small by selling toothbrushes and toothpaste at traffic lights.

Robert Ngwenya’s political career

Robert Ngwenya aka Mugabe Ngwenya in a nice portrait.
Image of Robert Ngwenya aka Mugabe Ngwenya speaking to a crowd.

He is the ANC representative in the North West Province of South Africa. Ngwenya is also an ANC leader in Ward 5 in the Madibeng Sub Region in North West. In 2016, due to his vast experience and success, he was appointed ChairMan of the Chamber of Commerce in The North west province(VTSD), South Africa. He was appointed as the provincial chairman of the Villages, Townships and Small Dorpies Chamber of Commerce. He has held on that position until 2022. [ ¹]

Other works by Robert Ngwenya

Robert Mugabe Ngwenya in a airplane.
Image of Robert Mugabe Ngwenya in a airplane.

Ngwenya is a qualified landscape designer the founder of 20 Elevation Construction & Landscaping. He has done a lot of business in the fields of transport, Construction, Entertainment, engineering, Communications and Multimedia.

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He is also a model social crusader in the fight against drug misuse, having organised successful campaigns in the North West province, where he runs a rehabilitation centre. His brainchild is an annual event called #NyaopeMustFall, which is successfully running in the north west province and aims to raise awareness about the pandemic of drug abuse.

Despite championing a major cause against drug abuse, his social projects also include education for the underprivileged through a bursary programme run by one of his companies, as well as recreation through the 20 Elevation football club, which provides extra mural activities for community youths through football. [ ²]

His marriage to Zinhle Mabena

Robert Ngwenya was married to Zinhle Mabena in 2016 and they were blessed with a daughter. When they got married, Robert had three children from the previous relationship. In 2019 Drum Magazine reported that Robert was nearly assassinated in Atteridgeville. According to Robert the assassination attempt occurred while he was driving home in a non-descript car after attending meetings in Madibeng in the North West.

He realized he was followed by a black BMW and white Golf 7 while he was driving alone with no bodyguards on that day. So, he kept a safe distance from the following cars but while waiting at the stop sign the BMW pulled up on his right and started shooting from the passenger window. As he ducked the bullets while driving, he lost control and fell in a ditch, and they set his car alight but other motorists managed to pull him out. [ ³]

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In 2021 it was reported that his wife Zinhle Mabena was conspiring to assassinate him as well. Phil Mphela tweeted, “Mabena, known for playing Sihle on Isibaya, was arrested last night for an alleged conspiracy to murder her husband. The attempted murder incident took place in January, resulting in the death of the husband’s bodyguard”. After this his wife was arrested and an investigation was underway.

Personal life of Robert Ngwenya

Most people refers to Robert Ngwenya as Robert Mugabe Ngwenya, probably the ‘Mugabe’ is from his political ambitions. In other sources it is believed that Robert claims to be a polygamist but there is no evidence that he has more than one wife. [ ]