Who is Linda from Scandal? Is he gay or straight?

Linda from Scandal etv
Linda from Scandal and His Sister

Scandal etv has introduced a new character by the name of Linda. When he made his debut appearance on the show, he was looking for a job from Malume Mdu and introduced himself as Professor in Scandal drama, then he became a social media marketer for CJ. While working for CJ he learnt that NFH is looking for an employee, a journalist, who is young, vibrant and full of new ideas. So he went to try his lucks only to find out through eavesdrop that they want a female employee.

So, he left the premises hopeless without attempting the interview process because he knew he wasn’t the perfect candidate.

When he reaches home telling his sister about it, his sister suggested that he changes his gender appearance to retry his luck. He agreed and this is how Linda character came into being.

Is Linda gay or straight?

When he changed his appearance and goes for interview, Dintle was impressed, she didn’t even notice she was speaking to a dude. She quickly gave Linda a job despite his lack of experience. The way Linda was so convincing to NFH newsroom stuff members and to viewers that he is woman made most people to wonder if Linda is a gay or straight.

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The answer is: on the drama, Linda is a straight guy by the name of Professor who is pretending to be a woman.  Is he gay in real life?  We don’t know since information on his true history and identity is no where to be found. What we know is that Linda from Scandal is portrayed by Lebogang Mgidi.

Who is Lebogang Mgidi in Scandal?

Linda from Scandal who is played by Lebogang Mgidi
Linda from Scandal who is played by Lebogang Mgidi

Lebo Mgidi is a South African actor best known for playing the role of Professor or Linda in Scandal etv. He is possibly 20 years or older but nothing much is known about his hometown, date of birth and family. He has no known social media accounts. We will cover his full biography once the information becomes available.

His character on Scandal is also likely his first television debut appearance since there is no where else we know him from. He is nailing his character on the show and fans are impressed by his performance so far.


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