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Born May the 9th, 1997, Tshepo Joseph Senatle is a South African actor born in Polokwane. He is famous for his role of Koloi on the SABC1’s soap opera Skeem Saam.

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Tshepo Senatle
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Full name: Tshepo Joseph Senatle
Date of birth: 9 May 1997 (24 years old)
Place of birth: Ottosdal, North West, South Africa
Education: Dumisang Primary School, Realeka Secondary School
Occupation: Actor
Known for: Koloi on Skeem Saam
Nationality: South African

Early life of Tshepo Senatle

Tshepo Joseph Senatle is a South African actor born in Ottosdal in the North West province. He was born on the 9th if May in 1997 so he is currently 24 years of age. Senatle has 3 other siblings, namely, Tshepiso, Ali and Anes. He was raised by his grandmother who struggled to make ends meet for them. Senatle attended Dumisang Primary School from Grades 1 through 3, then moved to Winterton. After that he moved back to Ottosdal and finished his high school at Realeka Secondary School.

Tshepo Senatle who plays Koloi on Skeem Saam
Tshepo Senatle who plays Koloi on Skeem Saam

After his matric, Senatle was ambitious about making things better for his family. So, when his grandmother got a job in Northcliff and he couldn’t stay with her, he asked to move in with his friends in Joburg. He was to furthermore look for work while in Joburg. However, he found himself struggling to get work until he got a job as a panel beater. This wasn’t his dream job but it seemed to keep him balanced for the while.

Beginning of Senatle’s acting career

While working as a panel beater, Senatle would sneak out from work to auditions. For the most part he was playing extras. However, balancing his work and his passion was hard. So, Senatle had to quit his job and focus fully on his passion. It was around this time that he got the role of Koloi on Skeem Saam. This role was a game changer for him, in fact, he found himself being the breadwinner of the family. His sacrifices had finally paid off.

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Aftermath of his success

Even though Senatle is basically there in the hills and is grateful. His mother has some doubts of her own, she is very cautious to tell him of how unstable this industry is. However, she is still his biggest cheerleader and supporter.

What would Tshepo do if he wasn’t acting? Well, he would probably be building cars and having a car show. This is because he revealed that his other passion was that of sporting cars. So, he would probably be an Auto body specialist.

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