Tshepo Ledwaba aka Umphas from Isono

Actor, producer, and director of South African uprising films is Tshepo Ledwaba. He gained notoriety for his performance as Umphas in the BET television drama Isono Sopie.

Biography profile of Tshepo

Tshepo Ledwaba Biography
Image of Tshepo Ledwaba


Full name : Tshepo Ledwaba
Gender : male
Age : Unknown
Date of birth : Unknown
Place of birth: South Africa
Occupation : Actor
Known for: Isono
Height: 1.7m
Net worth: R700k
Instagram : @spice.man
Nationality : South African

Early life of Tshepo Ledwaba

Although Tshepo was born and reared in South Africa, little is known at this time about his his birthplace or date. No background information is available. Neither details about his family nor his upbringing are provided. His past is currently unknown. That might, however, alter over time.

Education of Tshepo Ledwaba

On his education or the location of his primary and senior schools, not much is known. There is no data on postsecondary education either. We only know that he enjoys art and that he is an exceptional actor. [1]

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Career of Tshepo Ledwaba

Tshepo Ledwaba Biography
Image of Tshepo Ledwaba AKA Umphas from Isono

Tshepo is renowned for his work on Isono, where he appeared with well-known performers like Nthati Moshesh and Bohang Moeko. Only Isono has included Ledwaba. It is the first original African production on BET. Ledwaba has the good fortune to mingle with some of Mzansi’s most charismatic individuals, which will aid him in making a reputation for himself. This drama includes Bongani Gumede, Lalla Hirayama, and Mpho Sibeko.

On the drama series Isono, he portrays Umpas. The plot centers on Mary Ndlovu, who would go over and beyond to satiate her cravings. Drama, deceit, bravery, and suspense abound in this riveting series.


He is said to be at least 168 cm tall, or about 1.7 meters. Considering men in South Africa, that is about average. He has yet to appear on television, therefore little is known about him. But, as of 2023, his net worth is anticipated to be around R700,000. He is therefore succeeding wonderfully for a new performer. [2]

Net worth of Tshepo Ledwaba

Although he is still in uprising, he has already been cast in a global production. Ledwaba’s net worth is anticipated to be $50,000 as of 2020. He has the potential to become a successful actor, writer, director, and producer in Mzansi.

Social media

The Instagram handle of Tshepo is @ spice.man. Ledwaba presently has 1,000 followers, but as Isono gains popularity every day, she will likely gain more. Several of Tshepo’s attractive photos may be found in his account.