Six Nyamane Biography , real name, career and filmography

Six Nyamane born on the 6th of April 1998 is a South African actress. She is popularly known for playing the role of Sassy Buhle on etv Scandal. Currently she is portraying the role of Nozipho on Generations The Legacy.

Biography profile of Six Nyamane

Six Nyamane Biography
Image of Six Mpume Nyamane

Full name : Six Mpume Nyamane
Gender : Female Age : 25 years old
Date of birth : 06 April 1998
Place of birth : Newcastle, Kwazulu natal province
Occupation : Actress, Dancer, Singer and Presenter
Instagram : @six nyamane
Known as: Nosipho from Generations the Legacy
TV shows: Scandal, Rhythm city and Generation the Leqacy
Nationality : South African

Early life of Six Nyamane

Six Nyamane whose real name Mpume Nyamane was born on the 6th of April 1998 at Newcastle, Kwazulu natal province in South Africa. Mpumi is born to her parents Zah Lets(Mother) and Mduduzi Nyamane (father). People always ask whether her real name is Six and she always said ‘Yes’ because Mpume tend to believe it was. [1]

She got that name from her days of playing provincial hockey and she played position six. The team was so big, so coaches didn’t have time to learn their names, so they refer them to the numbers on the pitch. In grade 4 up till matriculation, she first took up hockey. Mpume gave up playing after relocating to Johannesburg because she couldn’t locate a team and, in addition, she genuinely don’t have the time to keep up with practice and games.

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Personal life of Six Nyamane

Mpumi is currently in a relationship according to her Facebook page but we don’t know the name of the guy yet. She is currently Living in Sandton, Gauteng province. She is able to speak English and Isizulu. Six has black hair and brow eyes and the height of about 1.68vcm. She is also a mother of a three year old child.

Career of Mpume Nyamane

She discovered her passion for performing during her first year at the University of South Africa (Unisa), but despite her enthusiasm for the industry, her mother did not share her enthusiasm for choosing a career in acting over academics. [2]

She recall looking around for schools, but she ultimately chose to attend the same Unisa that she had originally wanted to attend. After a few months of studying finance, Six realized she was uninterested in the subject and began skipping class to go to auditions after a guy she met at the gym told her she had a face for television.

Her first audition

Six Nyamane Biography
Image of Generations actress Six Nyamane

She attended her very first audition, and she was cast. Six then made the decision to shoot the movie in secret without telling her family, but somehow the school called her mother to let her know that she hadn’t gone to class or turned in her exam. To say her mother was angry with her would be an understatement; she cut off communication with her for two weeks.

Her mom didn’t want her pursuing acting

Despite her mother’s desires, Nyamane kept developing her acting abilities. She was cast in many roles, and her mother finally gave in when she saw how dedicated her daughter was to her craft. Although Nyamane was excited to perform her new role, playing Nozipho on the popular soap opera appeared difficult and confusing because her character is the daughter of Nkosiyabo Cele, a daring journalist who seeks out and exposes vital stories in spite of danger (played by Muzi Mthabela).

“I value providing more to my character and learning more about her every day since I didn’t want to be redundant or boring in my part. I  gain a lot of knowledge from Muzi as well, with whom I frequently have conversations while filming. In retrospect, I suppose I have shaped Nozipho to resemble his father. [3]

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