Who exactly is Tinashe Mugabe ?

The Closing DNA Show is hosted by Tinashe Mugabe, a Zimbabwean radio and television personality. Mugabe co-hosted the Star FM radio show Tilder Live Show prior to his ZBC TV debut.

Biography profile of Tinashe Mugabe

Tinashe Mugabe Biography
Image of Tinashe Mugabe

Full name : Tinashe Mugabe
Gender : Male
Age : Date of birth :
Place of birth : Harare, Zimbabwe
Nationality : Zimbabwean
Occupation : Radio and Television personality and Anchor of the Closing DNA Program
Social media : Facebook

Early life of Tinashe Mugabe

Harare, the country’s capital, is where Tinashe was born, yet little is known about his early years. About Tinashe’s background, including his real birthdate, birthplace, and parentage, nothing is known. We don’t know how big his family is or whether he has any siblings. [1]

Career of Tinashe Mugabe

Mugabe serves as Global DNA Zimbabwe’s principal advisor. Global DNA Zimbabwe was formed by Mugabe, Mr. Trust Maanda, and Dr. Enock Sithole.

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Testing his own children’s DNA

Tinashe Mugabe Biography
Image of Tinashe and his sons

The question of whether Tinashe Mugabe, a DNA specialist and TV celebrity, had tested his own children for paternity has now received a response. Due to his role as the host of the well-liked television show The Closing DNA Show, Mugabe has gained notoriety in Zimbabwe. Due to this, a lot of people have questioned him and, in some extreme cases, demanded to know the answer. They have also questioned whether he has established the paternity of his own children.

The DNA Man, as Tinashe Mugabe is often referred to, answered the query enthusiastically. Mugabe revealed that he had not tested the DNA of his two children in an interview with radio DJ Chamvary on Tuesday, despite having no misgivings. He further stipulated that the DNA tests would be conducted in secrecy if he ever had any further concerns.

The World DNA Diagnostic Centre’s director made a remark in a conversation with Chamvary. Mugabe has stated that he opposes requiring DNA testing for all newborns. In response to demands that DNA testing be made compulsory, Mugabe stated that he opposed the concept. He issued a warning because he saw a terrible outcome approaching. [2]

The private life of Tinashe

On his Instagram, Tinashe Mugabe claims to be married. Right now, Tinashe and his wife are the parents of three children: a daughter born in February of this year and two sons. [3]

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