Somizi called Makhadzi an alien from Jupiter

Somizi who is a media personality posted a video of himself dancing to the Limpopo-born singer’s song, in which he attempted to imitate the singer’s dance moves but became exhausted after a few seconds.

The radio host was unable to complete the expected dance routine and has accesed the hit maker of being a robot rather than a human.

”Guys, I’m here to confirm and expose Makhadzi, that she’s not human. She’s a robot from Jupiter. I danced for only a minute and I needed an Oxygen tank. This woman performs for a hour straight, same energy and sometimes more than 3 shows a day, and can still go on and on…” he captioned video.

Somizi’s statement and the video got his followers laughing.

Check out video below:

Makhadzi has become the most successful woman in the music industry. She has released albums, singles and featured other musicians. She has appeared on United Kingdom magazines and has so far collected multiple awards. The Ganama star has been well spoken of and has become very famous! Is it that Somizi is jealous or is just joking? We suppose he is joking!