Get to know the full Biography of Nicholas Nkuna

On August 18, 1988, Sipho Nicholas Nkuna, a South African performer and actor, was born. He is well recognized for his performances on the television series Erfsondes and 7de Laan as Fikani and Nkululeko “Freedom” Nkosi, respectively.

Biography profile of Nicholas Nkuna

Nicholas Nkuna Biography
Image of Nicholas Nkuna

Full name : Sipho Nicholas Nkuna
Gender : Male
Age : 34 years old
Date of birth : 18 August 1988
Place of birth : Mbombela, Mpumalanga South Africa
Nationality : South African
Occupation : Actor, singer and writer
Instagram : nicksoulworld

Early life

The 18th of August 1988 saw the birth of Nicholas Nkuna. He was born in Mbombela, in the South African province of Mpumalanga. The mother of the boy is Nora Nkuna. Fekeza and Dumsani Siwela are two further recognized relatives. Little is known about his early life other than the fact that he lived with his grandmother.

Education of Nicholas Nkuna

From Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, he received a Bachelor of Arts in musical theater. At Ball State University in Indiana, USA, he continued his acting studies. [1]

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Career of Nicholas Nkuna

Nicholas Nkuna Biography
Image of actor Nicholas

In plays like Assassins, Oliver Twist, Shaka Zulu, Sophiatown, Dream Girls, Parade, and Dream Girls, he got his acting start in college.

He has additionally appeared on stage in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” as Simba. He also visited Ireland and the United Kingdom for the Lion King undertaking. Nkuna played the Phantom of the Opera when he was 22 years old, making him the second African actor to do so.

In the 2016 TV show Keeping Score, he portrayed the athlete “Issac” from the Congo. The following year, he was invited to make a guest appearance on the popular television show Rhythm City. Since 2017, he has played the well-known role of “Fikani Chauke” in the television series 7de Laan. He received the Best Supporting Actor honor at the 2016 South African Broadway World Awards for his performance as “Mingus” in the play Sophiatown. [2]

He later played “Freedom” in the Erfsondes series. He has been in the films Love by Chance and Meet the Radebes in addition to television.

Nicholas Nkuna’s songs

He was moved to write the song “Grace” after observing how grace helps individuals get through the challenges they encounter every day. Nkuna’s therapy explores how he transformed his life following the breakup with his British sweetheart. Play all of Nicholas Nkuna’s songs, including Buya and the Titanium cover, on YouTube. [3]

Value of Nicholas

He made his rumored $150,000 in earnings from his acting and singing careers.