Mxolisi Nodom full biography

Mxolisi Nodom

A picture of Scandal’s first deaf actor Mxolisi NodomFull name: Mxolisi Nodom
Date of birth: 2001 (19 years as of 2021)
Place of birth: Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
Occupation: Actor
Famous for: Thando on etv Scandal
Nationality: South African

Early life of Mxolisi Nodom

Mxolisi Nodom is a South African deaf actor known for his role on Scandal as Thando, Violetta’s brother. Nodom was probably born in 2001 as sources confirm he is 19 years of age as of 2021. Mxolisi Nodom was born in Durban however he grew up in Kimberley and later made his turn around in Cape Town. From an early age, he was always an artistic person and he had joined an arts competition by the Deaf Schools of South Africa when he heard of the role that was sought on Scandal. At the time of the search, Nodom was not in Johannesburg, so he sent a series of video clips as his auditions and later got a call from the Scandal team. As the story goes, the rest was history.

Nodom Mxolisi and being the first deaf actor on Scandal!

Thando from Scandal
A picture of Mxolisi Nodom known as Thando from Scandal

Nodom is very grateful for the opportunity and believes anyone can make a difference in this world when given a chance even if you’re deaf or blind. Mxolisi was the first deaf actor in all of South African history to appear on our soapies. And, it is all thanks to the etv team for having faith in him and not choosing someone who could only sign well but a completely deaf person. His talent was extremely appreciated nationwide with people even asking if he was really deaf. And yes, Thando from Scandal is deaf in real life.

His acting got a lot of appreciation from all sorts of people and even the Minister of arts himself had something to say. In a twitter post, the Minister showed gratitude to the Scandal team. For doing something so astronomical for the deaf community and appreciated Mxolisi for his brilliant acting. Nodom only hopes his role will open doors for other actors who are deaf and have other disabilities but are talented. According to him, he is not different from anyone else. He is just a talented actor who happens to be deaf.

This was a very enlightening way to sterilize stereotypes. Which would center their focus on his deafness rather than his talent. The 19 year old is off to greener pastures. And we will continue to update this biography as we learn more about him.