Mbonisi Mahonondo AKA ChiChi from Scandal

Mbonisi Mahonondo, better known by her stage name Mbo Mahocs, was born in Zimbabwe and is an actress, socialite, and television personality best known for playing Chichi on Scandal. She also co-hosts the show Thata Wena with Gilmore Tee.

Biography profile of Mbonisi Mahonondo

Mbonisi Mahonondo Biography
Image of Mbonisi Mahonondo

Full name : Mbonisi Mahonondo
Gender : Female
Age : 34 years old
Date of birth : 23 February 1988
Place of birth : Bulawayo
Nationality : Zimbabwean
Occupation : Actress, television personality and Socialite
Instagram : @mbomahocs

Early age and education of Mbonisi Mahonondo

Mbonisi Mahonondo was born on the 23rd of February 1988 in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. Mbo Mahocs speaks Shona, Ndebele, English, and Zulu with ease. Her whole family originally came from Zimbabwe. She relocated in South Africa looking for greener pastures. At some point she began by working odds job while staying in South Africa.

She has a passion for art since she was little. Her parents preferred that she pursue other interests rather than performing. When she thought back to her younger years, she remembered being taken to the theater or any other artistic activity by her mother. She decided to major in drama when she was in high school. She was encouraged by certain high school instructors who had seen her artistic talent. [1]

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Career of Mbonisi Mahonondo

Mbo Mahocs, who is well known for co-hosting Thatha Wena, a pan-African conversational television program on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation (ZBC TV), recently gave the Bulawayo Arts Awards. The 34-year-old, who has worked extensively on television, moved to South Africa in order to advance her career.

She is well known for having great fashion sense, which helped her win the Matabeleland Fashion Week Stylish Female Artist Award and establish her as a prominent figure in Zimbabwean fashion. [2]

The role of Mbonisi as Chichi on Scandal

Mbonisi Mahonondo Biography
Image of actress Mbonisi AkA Chichi

Mbo Mahocs made her South African television debut on the Scandal soap opera, where she co-starred with eminent actors like Joyce Skefu, Kgomotso Christopher, and Hlomla Dandala. Chichi with a Nigerian accent from the Scandal television soap opera! Chichi is a brazen young lady who will do anything to achieve her objectives. [3]

The private sphere of Mbonisi Mahonondo

About her recent lifestyle, little is yet known. She was accused of dating Mzoe 7 in 2015 while also having a relationship with Sibanda, a Welshman, who was also a socialite. She was allegedly dating sugar daddies and taking advantage of their wealth by driving cars that were far beyond her means, according to sources. She refuted the accusations, posting on her Facebook and Twitter pages that she has no connection to sugar daddies. She claimed in an interview with Sunday News to be friends with Mzoe 7 and to not be familiar with Welshman Sibanda.