Mawenza Ncwane biography, age, career and parents

Mawenza Ncwane is a 14-year-old South African child actor best known for playing Jack Junior in Red Candle, a Mzansi Magic film. He is also the biological son to the late Gospel singer S’fiso Ncwane and Ayanda Ncwane.

Biography Facts

Image of Mawenza Ncwane the son of Ayanda Ncwane.
Image of Mawenza Ncwane the son of Ayanda Ncwane.

Full name: Umawenzokuhle Ncwane
Gender: Male
Date of birth: March 6, 2008 (14)
Place of birth: South Africa
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actor
Movies: Red Candle
Parents: S’fiso Ncwane, Ayanda Ncwane

Early life of Mawenza Ncwane

Mawenza Ncwane was born on 6 March 2008 in South Africa. He was born and raised by South African businesswoman Ayanda Ncwane who is the wife to the late Gospel singer S’fiso Ncwane. His father S’fiso Ncwane died while Mawenza was still young which the little boy accepted but couldn’t easily move on.

When his father died, Mawenza posted on social media and he showed that he would like to make his late father proud and become a man he would’ve raised him to be.

His post read as follows, “I will be a man that you asked me to be dad that is my promise to you. Good night daddy.” [ ¹]

Acting career of Mawenza Ncwane

Mawenza Ncwane with his mother Ayanda Ncwane.
Image of Mawenza Ncwane with his mother Ayanda Ncwane.

Mawenza dreamt of becoming an actor at an early age and his mother helped him to join a casting agency. The agency assisted him to get television, film and commercial advert roles. He has appeared in numerous television commercials including Clintele legal commercial advert.

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In 2020 Mawenza landed a role in Red Candle playing the role of Jack Junior, the son of Jackson Mthembu. Mthembu is an investment analyst who runs a successful company. Mawenza shot and send his self tape audition clip to the producers of the film and he was casted based on his talent not because of Social status.

“We are currently filming, but I can affirm that Umawenzokuhle is a member of our cast. He was one of several hopefuls for a role in the film. We cast him based on his talent after he submitted a self-tape audition.” The film’s director and producer, Ndaba Ka Ngwane, told the Daily Sun. “He proved to be a brilliant youngster, and taking him was quite easy.” [ ²]

Social media accounts of Mawenza Ncwane

Mawenza might be seen as a minor, which he is but he is definitely on Instagram and his Instagram has still private but his mother’s Instagram is open to see more pictures of Mawenza. His Instagram is @mawenzancwane with about 45 thousand followers.

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