Makgofe Moagi biography, age, career and nationality

Makgofe Moagi was born on March 07, 1980. She is a 42-year-old South African actress, philanthropist, model and presenter. She is well known for playing Charity Ramabu on Skeem Saam, Tumi on 90 Plein Street and Topollo on 2020 Orlando East Season one.

Biography profile

Makgofe Moagi as Charity Ramabu from Skeem Saam
Image of Makgofe Moagi

Name: Makgofe Moagi
Date of Birth: March 07, 1980
Age: 42 years old
Children: Cayden, Gabby, Sasha and Mohau Caleb
Occupation: Actress
Known as: Charity Ramabu from Skeem Saam
Nationality: South African
From: Phalaborwa, Limpopo

Early life and education Makgofe Moagi

Makgofe Moagi was born and bred in a small mining town of Phalaborwa in Limpopo province. Growing up in a poverty stricken society, Mokgofe nurtured her philanthropic spirit by helping poor children. She attended Frans Du Toit High school in Phalaborwa. After moving to Johannesburg, she got a bursary to study Travel & Tourism, and decided to work part-time as she attended classes. [1]

Makgofe Moagi career life

Makgofe Moagi behind the camera she is Charity on Skeem Saam
Makgofe Moagi behind the camera she is Charity on Skeem Saam

Makgofe Moagi initially started off in the entertainment industry as a model, doing music videos and television advertisements. She later then won an opportunity to become a presenter on the SABC show Motswako. She has over two decades of experience in various forms of entertainment, including acting, television advertisement cameos, modelling and voice-over work.

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The star has appeared on Muvhango as Palesa. In 2007, Moagi was one of suitcase models in the M-Net game show Deal or No Deal and had a role of Tumi in the first season of the SABC2 drama series 90 Plein Street (2007) and Mapaseka in the second season in 2009. Moagi also played Topollo in 2020 Orlando East season one. [2]

Moagi or Charity Ramabu on Skeem Saam getting ready for the shoot
Moagi or Charity Ramabu on Skeem Saam getting ready for the shoot

In 2014 she joined the third season of Skeem Saam as Charity Ramabu. Charity Ramabu is a gorgeous woman and could still be the envy of some women in Turf. She is a speech therapist by profession and very driven. She is fashion forward, stylish and knows exactly how to go for the things that she wants from life. But she has made some bad decisions in the past and earned a somewhat tainted reputation for herself among Turf residents.

Philanthropic work

Charity Ramabu is a philanthropist
Charity Ramabu or Makgofe is a philanthropist

From early age, Moagi nurtured her philanthropic spirit by helping poor children from impoverished communities and surroundings. Makgofe Moagi co-owns SelMak, a health care company or facility that promotes homeopathic approach to healing in Phalaborwa and serves as executive producer of In The Spotlight With Makgofe, a talk show that covers a cocktail of topics that affect society at large which is produced by Serurubele Pictures. [3]

Motherhood of Mokgofe Moagi

The Skeem Saam star has got four children namely Cayden and Gabby which are twins born on 01 August 2019 and Sasha who is 16 years old and Mohau Caleb who is 12 years old. Makgofe never believed she will ever have children because she would have sharp pains during her periods in her teenages. She was also had five cysts removed and suffered from a bad case of endometriosis (when tissue that lines the uterus grows on other pelvic organs such as the ovaries or fallopian tubes). Now she said she is enough with number of children she was given by God, she wants to restore her six pac back. [4]