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Internationally renowned South African actor Kgosi Mongake presently portrays Zakwe in BET’s Isono. Others recognize him as Sipho from the movie Invictus, while many remember him as Andile from the soap opera Hopeville. Through his unparalleled acting abilities, he has managed to rank among Mzansi’s most popular actors. Let’s examine the biography of Kgosi Mongake to learn more about Isono’s Zakwe.

Full biography: Kgosi Mongake

Kgosi Mongake aka Zakwe in BET's Isono
Kgosi Mongake aka Zakwe in BET’s Isono

Full name: Kgosi Mongake
Date of birth: 29 June 1992
Place of birth: Alexander, Johannesburg, South Africa
Education: National School of Arts (class of 2014)
Height: 165cm
Occupation: Actor
Known for: Zakwe on Isono
Net worth: $180 000
Nationality: South African

Early life of Kgosi Mongake

Born and reared in Alexander, Johannesburg, Kgosi Mongake. Kgosi experienced a terrible upbringing in a low-income family. However, he was already aware that he had to take responsibility if he wanted things to change. He thought about ways to escape poverty every day before realizing that the arts sector was ideal for a dreamer like himself.

In the year 2020, everything is perfect. Furthermore, not much is known about the actual details of his family, like his mother or father and their background. However, his agency seems to suggest he has a Xhosa background as he is fluent in Xhosa. Moreover, his Tswana Name suggests he also has a Tswana background. And he can also speak Zulu.


Kgosi Mongake aka Zakwe in BET's Isono

Kgosi’s love of the arts led him to start performing when he was still in high school. After graduating, he joined at the National School of Arts, where he received acting instruction from industry professionals. He then had the good fortune to land parts in a number of feature films, which helped him establish himself as a household name in Mzansi’s showbiz sector.

Net worth of Kgosi Mongake

According to Savannah News, the young actor stands at an estimated of around $180 000. Which when converted to Rands gives an estimated net worth of R2.5 million. Which he has amassed through his acting career since 2009.

Acting break through for Kgosi Mongake

Kgosi Mongake aka Zakwe in BET's Isono
Kgosi Mongake aka Zakwe in BET’s Isono

The year 2009 was the break out year for Kgosi Mongake when he made his television debut on the mini-series Hopeville playing the role of Andile. His stunning acting skills landed him roles on various series, documentaries, and internationally acclaimed films such as The Bang Bang Club and Invictus.


Kgosi got his first television role on Hopeville, playing the role of Andile. Ever since his industry debut, he has featured in both International and Local productions. Some of his appearances are listed below;

  1. Isono as Zakwe
  2. Isithembiso as Skhova
  3. Abomama as Thabang
  4. Z’bondiwe Season 3 as Stix
  5. Sober Companion as Glue Addict
  6. Ring of Lies Season 2 as Piece
  7. Soul Buddyz Season 5 as Dombolo
  8. Hola Mpinji Season 1 as Cake boy
  9. I’sthunzi as Panda
  10. Hopeville as Andile

‌ Social media

The actor is accessible via social media. Mostly Instagram. His handle is @kgosi1. However, it may be tricky to actually reach out to him this way. So, if you want to inquire for business and actual interaction, you might stand a better chance with his agency at MLSA.

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