Four Uzalo actors who were fired in 2020

It has become very common in South African telenovelas to find viewers’ favourate actors being fired for protesting against their working conditions or salaries. Imbewu and generations did it so is Uzalo, not only for low pay complainers but for other reasons which they couldn’t just tolerate. The following are some of the actors who were recently fired from Uzalo:

  1. Thulani Shange and Sizwe Khumbuza, play brothers on Uzalo
  2. Sibonile Ngubane, who played Khathaza Khanyile
  3. Sphelele Mzimela, who played Mazaza
  1. Thulani Shange and Sizwe Khumbuza who play brothers on Uzalo

Thulani Shange and Sizwe Khumbuza were known for playing brothers on Uzalo and they recently got fired for an undisclosed issue. The two actors could not see eye to eye with their producers so they were no longer in their good books and were thus fired from the show.

According to iharare which confirmed the news with two actors over the phone, the well-known brothers are now jobless. They will appear on the show for the few coming episodes. But they will leave at the hands of MaNgcobo and Nkunzi as a form of revenge. Thulani will be shot and Killed by Nkunzi but the producers want to keep that element of surprise by not divulging too much information.

  • Sibonile Ngubane, who played Khathaza Khanyile

Sibonile Ngubane, who played Khathaza Khanyile on Uzalo was fired too. He was a father to Thulani Shange and Sizwe Khumbuza who were also fired. The actor was gaining popularity on the show and viewers were enjoying seeing his character on the screen but his producers has shown him the door. The reason for Sibonile to be fired were also not specified and he exited by getting killed on the show and his sons Thulani and Sizwe will be killed too and exit the show.

Mr Ngubani will be replaced by Jason Zikalala, who will play a similar role that he played on the hit series and according to Isolezwe, Jason has started shooting for the coming episodes.

  • Sphelele Mzimela, who played Mazaza

Sphelele Mzimela was fired from Uzalo in March this year because her producers had discovered that she is pregnant. The producers were angry at Mrs Mzimela for getting pregnant without notice and at a crucial time for her character on the show.

“At Uzalo, actors are told there are many people who want their jobs. It’s as if they’re being done a favour for working there. Truth is, they’re the reason the telenovela is number one.” Said an informant of iharare.