Elizabeth Anderson Martin, William Shatner’s fourth wife bio, age and career


Elizabeth Anderson Martin is an American horse trainer and equine expert. She is well-known for being the ex-wife of Canadian actor and comedian, William Shatner. After her marriage to William, most people started to refer her as Elizabeth Shatner.

Biography Facts

Elizabeth Anderson Martin image -Getty Images
Elizabeth Anderson Martin image -Getty Images

Full name: Elizabeth Anderson Martin
Gender: Female
Date of birth: December 30, 1958 (age- 63 years old)
Place of birth: America
Nationality: American
Occupation: Horse Trainer, Equine Expert, Photographer, Digital Artist, philanthropist
Alma mater: Degree in Equine and Animal Science at Purdue University
Siblings: Daniel Leith Anderson
Spouses: Michael Gleen Martin (1992-1997)
William Shatner (2001-2019)

Early life of Elizabeth Anderson Martin

Elizabeth Anderson Martin was born in the United States of America on the 30th of December in 1958. Few facts are known about her childhood but she was raised in USA. She hasn’t revealed her origins or parents, but she did have an elder brother named Daniel Leith Anderson, who died at the age of 74 from heart failure.

Elizabeth Shatner has always loved horses since she was a child. Her deep love of nature and its creations would later set the groundwork for her future profession.

Education of Elizabeth Anderson Martin

She received a Bachelor’s degree in Equine and Animal Science from Purdue University in Indiana to further her knowledge of the issue. She went on to become an accomplished horse trainer.

Career of Elizabeth Anderson Martin

Elizabeth Anderson started riding horses at the age of five and got her first horse, a Gailceno pony, at the age of eight. She began equestrian instruction at the age of 14.

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She’s also appeared in documentaries like ‘E! True Hollywood Story’ from 2002. She starred in her second documentary, ‘Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner,’ in 2004 and the Gonzo Ballet in 2009. She appeared in two more documentaries between 2011 and 2012, the first being ‘American Pickers’ in 2011 and the second being ‘The Captains’ in 2012.

On William Shatner’s album “Has Been,” she and her then-husband co-wrote the song “Together.” They also put on the “Hollywood Charity Horse Display,” a humanitarian horse show.

First marriage of Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson’s first spouse was Michael Gleen Martin. He was her husband from 1982 till 1997. He died unexpectedly in 1997. Elizabeth Anderson Martin remarried to Canadian actor and TV personality William Shatner four years after his death. [ ¹]

Marriage to William Shatner

Image of Elizabeth Anderson as Elizabeth Shatner with her ex husband William Shatner
Image of Elizabeth Anderson as Elizabeth Shatner with her ex husband William Shatner -Getty Images.

Elizabeth Anderson Martin married William Shatner for the fourth time on February 13, 2001. Their nuptials were held in Lebanon. Leslie Carol Shatner, Lisabeth Shatner, and Melanie Shatner, William Shatner’s children, became her stepchildren.

Despite her successful career, she remained largely unknown until she married Shatner. They were both suffering the loss of their husbands when they met. Horses were also a shared interest between the two. They instantly agreed to develop a friendship since they found consolation and comfort in each other’s company.

Several eyebrows were raised due to the age difference between Shatner and Elizabeth. William Shatner and Elizabeth Martin were 27 years apart in age.
According to media sources from December 2019, William Shatner filed for divorce from Elizabeth Shatner after nearly 18 years of marriage. [ ²]

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