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Kim Engelbrecht (born 20 June 1980) is a South African actress. Best known for her roles as Lolly de Klerk in the soap opera Isidingo, Sgt. Noma Banks on the Syfy TV show Dominion and Marlize DeVoe on The CW show The Flash.

Full biography: Kim Engelbrecht

Image of Kim Engelbrecht known for her roles as Lolly de Klerk in the soap opera Isidingo
Image of Kim Engelbrecht known for her roles as Lolly de Klerk from Isidingo.
  • Full name: Kim Suzanne Engelbrecht
  • Date of birth: 20 June 1980 (42)
  • Place of birth: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Education: Unknown
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Known for: Lolly van Olsen from Isidingo and Marlize DeVoe from The Flash, Decima from Raised by wolves [1]
  • Networth: $1 million (hypothetical)
  • Nationality: South African

Early life of Kim Engelbrecht

Kim Engelbrecht is a South African actress best known for her SABC3 role on Isidingo as Lolly De Klerk. Engelbrecht was born in 1980 on the 20th of June. She was born in Capetown. One of the two known children from her parents. She has a sister named Jodee Butler who is also a creative. However, her sister though she claims to be an actor, isn’t predominantly one. She is however a DJ and a producer.

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Education of Kim Engelbrecht

No one as of yet knows where Kim Engelbrecht attended her high school or tertiary education. However, most sources agree that her acting career was out of pure spontaneity and talent. Kim herself has accredited most of her experience from observation and inspiration. Even as an accomplished actress, Kim continues to learn and educate herself. In fact, when she acted alongside Game of Thrones star Ian Glen in Reyke. Kim says she learnt a lot from him and couldn’t believe it was actually him.

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Personal details of Kim Engelbrecht

Image of Kim Engelbrecht the actress.
Image of Kim Engelbrecht the actress.

So far, all we know about Kim Engelbrecht’s personal life is, she has a Sibling named Jodee Butler. And, does Kim Engelbrecht have kids? Not that we know of really and we can’t presume she does.

We also don’t know if Kim is married or how tall she is in real life. This is predominantly because Kim has kept her life sealed from the public. She barely talks about her person life. Most of her personal life information is just basic meta Data about her origins.

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Networth and assets of Kim Engelbrecht

While her actual Networth is unknown, Kim Engelbrecht is estimated at above R10 million or around $1 million. Which makes sense considering her international acting career. As well as local career and she may have businesses and other ventures she’s into.

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Playing Marlize DeVoei in the Flash

Marlize DeVoe (portrayed by Kim Engelbrecht) is a highly intelligent engineer who designs devices for her husband Clifford DeVoe.[19] Initially, she was loyal and would join the Thinker in harassing and mocking Team Flash every time they score a victory, but as Clifford’s original personality begins to be replaced by increasing cruelty and arrogance, she comes to realize that the husband she loved was gone and helps Team Flash defeat DeVoe in the final battle.

Career and filmography of Kim Engelbrecht

A stunning portrait of Kim Engelbrecht the actress who played Lolly de Klerk from Isidingo
A stunning portrait of Kim Engelbrecht the actress who played Lolly de Klerk from Isidingo.

Engelbrecht made her screen debut in the 1994 feature film Sarahsarà. Which was based on a true-life story about a 12-year-old girl of Sudanese decent. Who swims from the Isle of Capri to Napoli in Italy. Shortly after appearing in the film she landed a job as a child presenter for Craz-E. A kid’s programming block on fledgling free-to-air channel

Moreover, she was soon headhunted by the SABC to host their educational show Take 5. Furthermore, in the late nineties she played the role of troubled teenager Lolly van Onselen in the SABC3 soapie Isidingo.

Other television shows she has appeared in include Pute Monate Show (which she co-wrote as well). As well as the SABC2 crime procedural Zero Tolerance. In which she played the role of Sadika, a lesbian dancer.

She has also appeared in the films Boy Called Twist (2004), The Flyer (2005) and Bunny Chow (2006). In 2014 she had a recurring role as Sgt. Noma Banks, a sergeant in Vega’s Archangel Corps. Who is Alex’s friend and fellow soldier. In the apocalyptic supernatural action television series Dominion.

And, in 2017 Kim was cast at The Mechanic, the brainy engineer who assists the villain Clifford DeVoe (The Thinker). In the fourth season of The CW and DC’s superhero action series The Flash.

Raised by wolves

Kim auditioned for Raised by wolves while filming Reyke. And, got the call. Since Raised by wolves was filmed predominantly in Cape Town, South Africa. It wasn’t as difficult for her. She acted alongside international stars and got a high praise for her role in the International series. However, Kim herself saw herself as being lucky to have been included.

Kim considers every audition as something new. In An interview with Cape talk the actress said she was a “professional auditioner”. Saying that she prepares for the audition as if she has gotten the role. And regardless of her international fame.

Moreover, the Reyka star still holds that fame is fleeting and is in pursuit of a longer international career. Despite her few on fame, Engelbrecht is an undeniable big shot.  Moreover, Kim has appeared in international movies and series. Like the Scifi Dominiom, DC comics’ The Flash and recently in Raised by wolves where she plays Decima. Who is a quantum gravity engineer.

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