Bathabile Mashigo biography

Bathabile Mashigo biography, known as Grace Medupe
Bathabile Mashigo biography, known as Grace Medupe

Bathabile Mashigo is well known for her role as Grace Medupe on Scandal etv, Here is her biography!

Biography profile

Name: Bathabile Mashigo
Born: 16 November 1978
Age: 42 years old
Occupation: Actor and Businesswoman
Known as: Grace Medupe on Scandal
From: Soshanguve, Tshwane
Nationality: South African


Bathabile Mashigo, born on November 16, 1978, is a South African actress and businesswoman.[1] She was born and bred in Pretoria, Gauteng Province, she lives in Soshanguve. Bathabile is well known for playing Grace Medupe on Scandal etv, she is also known for Magda on Generations and for her role of Petunia on Society II and III.

The Scandal star grew up playing indigenous games such as Masikitlana, diketo, Kgati and dibeke. Bathabile learnt to play acoustic guitar, even though she didn’t master it, it became her friend and used to play the guitar during school assembly.[2]

Bathabile Mashigo Education

Bathabile Mashigo biography, known as Grace Medupe

Mashigo started acting in High school and her speech and drama teacher was a graduate of Technikon Pretoria Drama School.  She thought Bathabile was the most impressive character she’d ever seen, and so she encouraged her to rethink the marketing and advertising path and study drama instead.

“I did just that. My dad took me to auditions, watched me crash his dreams of me becoming a doctor, but he also witnessed me discover my passion and pave my journey,” said Bathabile Mashigo.[3]

Mashigo later attended Technikon Pretoria (currently known as Tshwane University of Technology) and graduated in 2001 with a B-tech, and a drama degree. She master the art of acting from TUT, where she learnt body movements and reactions based on emotions.

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After graduation she went to New York where she became a nanny as part of cultural exchange. She was teaching about her culture and traditions. The second time she visited New York city, she went to the French Woods Art Camp where she taught African story telling.


Bathabile Mashigo biography, known as Grace Medupe

From 2001 until 2005, Bathabile Mashigo worked at various production companies, and did a lot of industrial theatre until 2005. She was then landed a role of Magda at Generations, which was her first TV job. After leaving Generations she was given an opportunity to present Mother of All professions.

Bathabile had a role of Petunia on Society II and III. She also appeared on Death Of A Queen, Khululeka, an HIV awareness campaign that went on the road with the 46664 campaign.

In 2021, Bathabile was featured on the Queen as Gertrude, an evil woman who kidnapped Kagiso’s baby, Mvelo.[4]

Bathabile Mashigo is Grace Medupe on Scandal

Yes, Bathabile Mashigo is the one who plays Grace Medupe on Scandal, a powerful businesswoman and a mother to Romeo Medupe. On the show, Grace owns a four star hotel in Newtown, Joburg.