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Asanda Foji is a South African actress and entrepreneur born in Mount Elif, in the Eastern Cape. She is famous for her role as Simphiwe Moroka on Generations the Legacy.

Biography Profile

A recent picture of Asanda Foji
A recent picture of Asanda Foji

Full name: Asanda Foji
Date of birth: 10 December
Place of birth: Mount Elif, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Education: Bisho Primary School, Bisho Secondary school
Alma matter: Diploma in Media and Journalism, Degree in Drama (New Africa Theatre)
Occupation: Actress and Entrepreneur
Nationality: South African

Early life

Asanda Foji was born on the 10th of December in Mount Elif, in the Eastern Cape. She attended Bisho Primary School and Bisho Secondary school. From early age she knew what she wanted to do. So, after high school, she decided to explore acting and took a drama course at The New African Theatre in Cape town. She also later got a diploma in Journalism and Media.

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Career path

Asanda Foji left acting to clear her mind a bit
Asanda Foji left acting to clear her mind a bit

Asanda’s biggest breakout role was in Generations The Legacy where she played Simphiwe Moroka. However, that’s not the role she had auditioned for. She had auditioned for the role of Namhla, however she was to get the role of Simphiwe Moroka. Which was a big enough role on its own. However, after her contract ended she took a break from acting as she said it had become an addiction and she needed to rethink herself for a bit.

Other ventures

Asanda Foji has her own sportswear brand called Asanda Foji sportswear. She is the founder of that company. Foji is also a film student in the Netherlands, this is very far from home and she sometimes gets lonely. In a post she shared how she misses her loved ones while away. Asanda is married to a man whose name is unbeknownst but whose photos she sometimes shares of them together.

Asanda Foji almost lost her husband

Without indepth information on what was really going on, Asanda shared that her husband almost died. Moreover, He was apparently hospitalized for sometime and almost died. Foji shared how saddened she was and couldn’t bear the thought of losing her lover. So, In a long Instagram caption she shared a picture with him saying that she learnt that she should appreciate him more.

Asanda Foji in the Netherlands
Asanda Foji in the Netherlands

Foji is a very private person and had preferred to keep her family and relationships from the media. However, after nearly losing her husband, she was forced to learn to publicly appreciate her loved ones. Albeit, nobody knows what almost took her husband’s life. But that it was very serious and it is of goodness that he is well and alive again.

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