Arno Greef Biography

Arno Greef born on 14 March 1995 ( age-25 years old) is a South African actor, musician and director most popular for playing the role of Chris Ackerman in Blood and Water.

Biography profile

Arno Greef who plays Chris Ackerman from Blood and Water
Imsge of Arno aka Chris Ackerman from Blood and Water.

Full name: Arno Greef
Gender: Male
Age: 26 years old
Date of birth: 14 March 1995
Place of birth: Johannesburg, Gauteng province, South Africa
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actor, Musician, director
Known as: Chris Ackerman from Blood and Water
Instagram: @arnogreef
Languages:  Afrikaans, English
TV shows: Blood  and Water, 7 de Laan

Early age

Arno Greef was born on the 14 of March 1995 . He was born in Johannesburg in South Africa and is a well known South African actor and a musician. Arno grew up in the city of Johannesburg and attended both primary and secondary school there although he had to travel to different places for shooting. He developed interest in art at the age of 16 having been a dedicated sportsman before joining his school’s drama club. Under the guidance of his drama teacher, Samuel Ferreira, his love for performance and respect for the craft grew.[1]

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Education of Arno Greef

He attended primary school and High school in Johannesburg and matriculated in 2013. He attended Helpmakaar College where he fulfilled his love for acting through learning theatre arts. Arno further developed his craft through various courses in movement and acting which were presented by specialists, Izak Davel and Lelia Etsebeth.

Career of Arno Greef

Arno Greef aka Gerrie on 7De Laan
Image of A Greef aka Gerrie on 7De Laan.

Arno Greef is a seasoned actor who showcased his acting talent in both theatre and television productions. He also played major roles in several movies such as Vergeet my nie, Playboyz, Desember, Vaselinetjie, as well as Veraaiers. Moreover he also has featured in Sopies and telenovela such as Cas Oppie Kassie and Binnelanders. According to views of the public, Arno is a seasoned professional and his minor role in Blood and Water does not imply that he is a rookie. On Blood and Water, Arno plays Chris Ackerman, and he plays Gerrie on 7De laan. He is also a talented musician and can also play a guitar.

In late 2015 he had a minor role on Deon Opperman’s period drama series Bloedbroers, which follows the lives of four friends – a gang of blood brothers – all in their early twenties at the beginning of the story. Over the years Arno has ventured into work behind the camera as either cameraman or director shooting digital content and ads as well as a travel show visiting over 7 different countries.

Personal life

Arno is a cool calm handsome and collected individual who fosters good interpersonal relations. He is respectful to others and reciprocates that with humility and tolerance. He believes in hardworking. Arno is dedicated to his career and understands the demand of the film and television industry. In short he is a cool dude.