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Andrew Ngwenya, often known as Andy Muridzo, is a musician from Zimbabwe who was born on June 18, 1992. From the album Ngarizhambe, his songs Dherira and Chidhafudhunda are well-known.

Biography profile of Andy muridzo

Andy Muridzo Biography
Image of Andy Muridzo

Full name : Kudzai, Andrew Ngwenya
Gender : Male
Age : 30 years old
Date of birth : 18 June 1992
Place of birth : Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Nationality : Zimbabwean
Occupation : Singer
Instagram :
Facebook : Andy Muridzo

Early life

In Bulawayo, Kudzai Andrew Ngwenya was born on June 18, 1992. Later, he relocated to Murehwa, where he was raised.

His teacher Mupa Musimbe gave him the nickname Muridzo, which translates to whistle, since he would whistle in excitement at school activities.

Education of Andy Muridzo

Jah Prayzah and Muridzo attended Mushanhi Secondary School together. [1]

Music Career

In an interview with Zimbabwean media, he said that he started singing while he was in Form 2 and was the choir director at his church. He started writing music in 2014 after receiving guidance from Jah Prayzah in 2013.

He used to perform with Jah Prayzah at churches before they both rose to fame as musicians. Muridzo claims that Jah Prayzah inspired him to begin writing music and continue in his footsteps. He further asserts that, despite his desire to do so, Jah Prayzah dissuaded him from pursuing a career as a Zimdancehall performer. Muridzo is the manager of the 13-person Jeetaz Band.

In April 2019, five members of the Jeetaz Band disbanded to join the Bark Charity Band due to complaints over their salaries. On November 2019, Andy Muridzo was a guest at the group’s “Hupenyu Hutsva” album launch at the East Point in Harare.

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Personal life of Andy Muridzo

In Budiriro, Chido Manyange lived with his wife. She goes by the name Mai Keketso. In August 2019, Andy Muridzo, who had previously divorced his first spouse, popped the question to Nyari Mukucha. John Mukucha, Nyarie’s brother, claims that Muridzo was removed from the band in November 2019 as a result of being found engaging in an indecent conduct with one of his bandmates. John served as Andy’s band manager at the time. However, Muridzo denied the allegations of cheating. [2]

Arrest of Andy Muridzo

Andy Muridzo Biography
Image of musician Andy Muridzo

According to sources, Muridzo was taken into custody following a hit-and-run incident in March 2018. Muridzo was accused of hitting three cars while driving without a license near to the central business district, but he was able to elude capture. According to reports, the owner of one of the cars was critically injured and the vehicle was permanently damaged. Andy Muridzo Was Arrested For A Hit-And-Run Accident

Affair with Beverly Sibanda

Dancer Beverly Sibanda alleged that Muridzo had impregnated her, prompting him to be featured on the first page of the daily tabloid H-Metro on January 31, 2017. Bev asserted that she was two months along, but Muridzo vehemently denied this. In a brief video that he posted on Facebook Live, Muridzo confirmed having an affair with Beverly Sibanda but denied fathering the child, citing the passage of time. [3]


• Pakubuda Kwezuva (2015)
•Tichambo Tenderera(2017)
• Munondo (2019)
• Ngarizhambe
• Shiri ya Mambo (2019)


. Dherira
.chidafu ndhunda
. Unoendepi
.Dhali huya etc.)
.Mai Maria
.Dhibi Remuru