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Nana Fofie is a 31-year-old Netherland Ghanaian music artist best known for songs such as “Special”, “Peru Mashup” and “Gonn Do”. Her music is a never-before-heard combination of European and African tones.

Biography Facts

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Full name: Nana Fofie
Gender: Female
Date of birth: June 1, 1990 (age- 31 years old)
Place of birth: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nationality: Netherlander, Dutch, Ghanaian
Occupation: Musician, Artist
Songs: Special, Peru Mashup, Gonn Do
Mother: Florence Acheampong Fofie
Siblings: Dennis Toppin Fofie (brother), Louisa Fofie (twin sister)

Early age and family of Nana Fofie

Nana Fofie was born on the 1st of June 1990 in Rotterdam, South Holland in Netherlands. She was born in a household of four children in a Ghanaian family based in Netherlands. Her mother’s name is Florence Acheampong Fofie and her father is not known as yet. But he passed away on the 4th of September 2015 when Nana was just 25 years old.

Amongst her other three siblings we only know her brother, Dennis Toppin Fofie and her twin sister whose name is Louisa Fofie.

She attended her primary and secondary school in Netherlands but there is no specific information of the exact accredited institutions she attended. But one thing for sure she developed interest in music at an early age of five. With the help of her family’s deep music background, she started releasing her music as a teenager and building her name through YouTube.

Nana’s biggest inspirations are her late father and her idol Lauren Hill.

Music career of Nana Fofie

Nana Fofie songs, age and nationality
Image of Nana Fofie songs, age and nationality.

Nana’s music is a never-before-heard combination of European and African tones. Her ascent to stardom began with the publication of her first official YouTube video, the Afro Mashup ‘Mad Over You,’ on March 9, 2017, which was created by Reuben Isaac. The video, which was created by K.I.D.D. Production, far exceeded everyone’s expectations. The Mashup video received 100.000 views on YouTube in its first week and over 1 million views in its first month.

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Nana and her producers had hoped for 50,000 viewers, but 1 million was not only a pleasant surprise, but also a huge success. “My goal was to get 50,000 views on YouTube and use that to launch my music career as an artist,” she added, “but I’m overwhelmed by the love I’ve received from fans all over the world.”

Nana Fofie and her team followed up the success of the first mashup with the publication of a second Afro Mashup, ‘Leg Over,’ in May 2017 in response to popular demand. On the day of its release, ‘Leg Almost’ received 100,000 views on YouTube, bringing the total number of views to over 2.5 million. Several record labels, including Universal Music Group, Topnotch, and Eazi Corps, have expressed interest in working with Nana as a result of her accomplishments. [ ¹]

Nana Fofie, dubbed the “Mashup Queen,” is forging her own path in the music industry. This year, the singer has made a name for herself as one of the few female ‘Afro-European’ musicians on social media, and she is currently working on her debut EP.


  • Gonn Do – 2021
  • Carefully – 2021
  • J’en Vaux La Peine – 2021
  • Yeno Ntem – 2020
  • Undeniable – 2020
  • Special
  • Peru Mashup

Other aspirations of Nana Fofie

Nana Fofie with Nick Minaj an American female rapper
Image of Nana Fofie with Nick Minaj an American female rapper

One of her main goals is to serve as an example and role model for the next generation. Apart from music, Nana Fofie is working to fulfil her father’s dream of building a school for orphans in Ghana through the ‘Fofie Foundation.’ [ ²]

Personal life and social media

Nana Fofie is blessed with one child by the name of Isaiah. Her baby daddy or boyfriend is not known to us as yet. She is on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Follow her on Facebook page named Nana Fofie and her Instagram @nanafofiee.

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