10 actors with identical twins in real life

Image of actors with identical twins
Image of actors with identical twins

When we are used to see someone as an individual, it will shock us to see him with a duplicate like figure in the same picture with him or her. And thats exactly what happened with celebrities and actors with identical twins. They mostly appear alone but producers can surprise viewers by bringing in a twin of an actor on the scene.

In this article we have listened 10 celebrity actors who have an identical twin sibling.

Number 1 is Tsidi and Tsidiso Makitle

Tsidi Makitle, a South African actress best known for playing the role of Phumeza Sibiya in etv’s medical drama series Durban Gen has got an identical twin sister. Her twin sister’s name is Tsidiso Makitle and as identical twins, they look exactly alike. The pair was born on 17 August 1998, so, they’re both 23 years old in 2022.

The duo attended University of Zululand in KwaZulu Natal Province also known as UNIZULU. They graduated in December 2020 with Bachelor of Arts (Creative Arts) degrees at the University of Zululand. This was a sign that they were close to realize their dream of becoming actors in the entertainment industry of South Africa.

In 2020 the pair auditioned for Durban Gen and Tsidi Makitle got the role of playing Phumeza Sibiya. In 2022 her twin also appeared in Durban Gen as her twin sister this means they shared a scene and became co-actors in Durban Gen. Most fans who didn’t know they’re twins were surprised and some might have thought it was visual effects used to double Phumeza but was her real life twin. [ ¹]

Number 2 is Sindi Dlathu and her twin sister Zanele Sangweni

We have come to know Sindi Dlathu as an actress in Sarafina playing alongside Leleti Khumalo and for starring in The River and The Queen as Lindiwe Dlamini – Dikana. But one thing most fans didn’t know is that Sindi Dlathu has got an identical twin sister Zanele Sangweni. The pair was born January 4, 1974, so they are 48 years old as of 2022.

Most people bumped into pictures or videos where Sindi appeared with her twin sister Zanele and they probably thought it was Hollywood CGI and Visual effects. But no, it wasn’t, it was Sindi’s real life twin.

Don’t be surprised by their different last names. They are both married to different husbands so their last names will obviously differ. Sindi Dlathu is married to Okielant Nkosi and Zanele Sangweni is married to Matome Meela.

Number 3 is Nokubonga and Nokwanda khuzwayo twin sisters

When etv’s drama series Imbewu the seed began to air, fans saw Nokubonga playing Zakithi who is Zimele Bhengu’s daughter and Nokwanda playing Futhi who is Phakade Bhengu’s daughter. This was obviously stunning for viewers who began to wonder if they are real life twins. And the answer is already obvious, they are identical twins born on January 15, 1985. This means they’re 37 years old as of 2022.

The twins are one of the most famous twins since they shared a screen in Imbewu the seed for almost all its seasons. In real life, Nokubonga and Nokwanda did alot of things together such as doing a hair salon to raise funds in order to travel the world and appearing in public places together.

On number 4 its Marco and Marcel Spaumer twin brothers

Marco and Marcel Spaumer are the forth on the list of actors with identical twins. The two were born on 20th of September 1991 in South Africa. This means they are both 30 years old and are turning 31 in 2022. Marcel attended North West University where he studied Afrikaans and Dutch and even obtained a degree and Marco attended Pretoria University where he obtained a degree in Musical theatre.

Despite dreaming differently at times, they both appeared in KykNET soap Suidooster. They portrayed different roles and proved their individuality and uniqueness. In the drama, Marco played Tim du Plooy and Marcel do the writing.

Marcel and Marco don’t believe in sibling rivalry. “We are happy if one of us gets an opportunity.” This is why the talented duo believe it is to their advantage to work in the same industry. As brothers should, they look out for each other.

“We like the same things and work well together in a team. We hope to have more opportunities to work together. Our dreams are to write a book together and to act together in a film. Another big aspiration is to make music together.”

The fifty on the list is Vuyokazi and Vuyelwa Tshona

Vuyokazi Tshona who plays Buhle Bhengu in etv’s drama series Imbewu the seed has her identical twin by the name of Vuyelwa. The two were born on the 27th of August in 1992 and they are turning 30 years old in 2022.

The two sisters grew up together, but only one had a passion for the acting industry, and that’s Vuyelwa. Vuyelwa studied film whilst Vuyokazi studied Agriculture at the Tshwane University of Technology. After the pair completed their education, Vuyelwa would go for auditions and have Vuyokazi accompany her. She always wanted he sister to pursue performing like she did and managed to get her to audition. That was how Vuyokazi got her first acting role in Uzalo.

Vuyelwa is a well-known actress in her own right. She has toured the world with Disney’s Lion King International Tour as a singer and actress. Vuyelwa has performed in the Philippines, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and New Zealand, among other places. She also performs as a musician. They recently published a song called Isidwaba, which they have been pushing on their Instagram profiles for some time now, with her twin sister and the Khuzwayo twins. [ ³]

On number 6 we have Oros Mampofu and his twin Prince Mampofu

Most people has seen Oros Mampofu in Steers TV commercial advert and we have seen him acting in iGazi drama. Little did fans know about his private life and his siblings; that is he has a twin brother who looks exactly like him. His name is Prince Mampofu but nothing much is known about him and occupation. The pair was born in 1990 so they have 31 years of age.

We have listed Oros as one of the actors with identical twins because he is obviously a well known actor. The most amazing thing about them is they are good looking and they are young. They have their individuality and uniqueness since they do different jobs for a living. We are certain of that since Prince has never been in record of appearing in drama serials or movies. [ ]

Number 7 is Ntando and her identical twin Thando Duma

Ntando Duma is number 7 amongst the celeb actors with identical twins. Her identical twin is Thando Duma and they can confuse you who is who. The twins were born on 29 August 1995 in Orange Farm. They are both turning 27 in 2022.

The twins became famous when Ntando Duma appeared as the presenter of e.tv’s youth programming block Craz-e, where she primarily featured on Craz-e World live. Ntando also starred as Zinzi Dandala on e.tv’s soap opera Rhythm City. So when fans saw her with someone they thought to be her duplicate, they were amazed and thought maybe its Hollywood Visual effects. [ ]

Number 8 is Blue and Brown Mbombo twin sisters

Blue Mbombo is a model and media personality. She might not be an actor but she is a public figure whom people admire. She has her twin sister Brown Mbombo which is why she is listed on the list of actors with identical twins. The two were born in 1989 to multiracial parents. So this means they are 33 years old as of 2022. Their names were originally in Portuguese and they changed them to be in English for their fans sake. They changed their names to what they are now because people had difficulties pronouncing their exotic names.

They were born as Thando Azul Mbombo and Thandiwe Brown Mbombo. Blue’s real name is Azul, which translates to “blue” in Portuguese, and her sister’s name is Acastanho, which translates to “brown” in Portuguese.

The couple decided to preserve their English versions because it was difficult to constantly teach people how to pronounce their names and explain what they meant. Blue acknowledges that losing her father not long ago was one of the most hardest things she’s ever had to deal with. It transported her back to her childhood and made her appreciate her life a little more.

Number 9 is Innocent Sadiki with her twin sister Millicent Mashile

Innocent Sadiki was born as Asnath Thabang Innocent with her twin sister Millicent Mashile on January 30, 1988 in South Africa. The two are now 34 years old as of 2022. They are both South African actresses who have both appeared on television drama serials. Innocent appeared in Skeem Saam as Sthoko and her twin appeared as Thoko in Generations. Innocent Sadiki is married to Pastor Phindu Sadiki and have been together for 9 years.

Her twin sister is not just an actress as well but she is a presenter. She is the presenter of Alpha Youth, on the Gospel Channel on Dstv. The show explores the basis of Christian youth and most of the time they present the show together. Millicent also got married in 2017 and I guess her twin gene’s were stronger than her sisters because she too has twin sons.

The twins have a tight relationship but sometimes things might get a little competitive. Speaking to Daily Sun the twins opened up about how they both wanted to be presenters of a gospel show and after years of auditioning, they finally got their chance. [ ]

Number 10 on the list actors with identical twins is Hlelo and Ntando Masina

Hlelo and Ntando Masina are the last on our top ten list of celebrities who are twins, specifically actors. They are media personalities, presenters and reality television actors. They also appeared covers of Fairlady, Real and Kick Off Magazines.

In 2013 the identical twins dropped off everyone’s radar when they left YFM, after being on air for 5 years. Their exit followed two seasons of their reality show Blame It On Fame in 2012. Following their departure from TV and radio, Hlelo and Ntando immersed themselves in the Campaign For Girls initiative, which involves assisting young girls in their career, self and community development.

Even though they were no longer active on the entertainment scene, they confess that they would often still get asked about their return to fame, especially when they are out together. [ ]