Who is Tinashe Eugene Mushanguri? About his age, career and nationality

Tinashe Eugene Mushanguri is a 23-year-old Zimbabwean blogger, vlogger and social media personality who runs various sites and social media pages for a living.

Biography Facts

Image of Tinashe Eugene Mushanguri age, career and nationality
Image of Mushanguri age, career and nationality

Full name: Tinashe Eugene Mushanguri
Gender: Male
Date of birth: May 7, 1998 (age- 23 years old)
Place of birth: Chimanimani, Manicaland Province
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Occupation: Blogger, Vlogger, Social Media personality
Website: indafrica.com

Early life of Tinashe Eugene Mushanguri

Tinashe Eugene Mushanguri was born on May 7 in 1998 in Chimanimani in Manicaland Province in Zimbabwe. He attended Sakubva 1 High school and Ndima Government High School where he probably obtained his matric or A-level or O-level. After that he studied Computer Networking at Telone Center for Learning.

After studying Tinashe moved to Waterfalls in Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe where he is currently living.

Career of Tinashe Mushanguri

Image of Tinashe in real life, get to know him and his real life story.
Image of Tinashe in real life, get to know him and his real life story.

Tinashe is currently living on vlogging and blogging. He runs multiple social media pages which he uses to drive traffic. He has become a well-known figure on Facebook of which many people wonder who is Tinashe Eugene Mushanguri? Is he a celebrity or not? He has come to point of being followed by celebrities such as Jerome Galiao and Lusanda Mbane.

Interest of Tinashe Mushanguri

Tinashe loves reggae music, his favourite music artist include Winky Dee.

Social media

Tinashe is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. His Facebook page has got 300 thousand followers and its expected to increase. He also runs a website indafrica.com.

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