Who is Jack Devnarain? Acquaint with his age, career and wife.

Jack Devnarain biography

Jack Devnarain is a 51-year-old South African-born actor best known by South Africans for his starring role as Rajesh Kumar in Isidingo, Sabc3 soapie opera which premiered in July 1998.

In 2018 he made his debut appearance in Imbewu the seed playing Sunil Maharaj which was his first villainous television role. He is also known for The Ghost and the Darkness and 31 Million Reasons.

Biography Facts

Image of Jack Devnarain who plays Sanil Maharaj from Imbewu.
Image of Jack Devnarain who plays Sanil Maharaj from Imbewu.

Full name: Jack Devnarain
Gender: Male
Date of birth: February 9, 1971 (age – 51)
Place of birth: Durban, KwaZulu Natal Province
Nationality: South African
Ethnicity: Indian
Occupation: Actor
TV Shows: Isidingo, Imbewu
Movies: The Ghost and the Darkness, 31 Million Reasons
Spouse: Pam Devnarain
Children: 2
Website: jackdevnarain.com

Early life of Jack Devnarain

Jack Devnarain was born on February 9, 1971 in a small town of Tongaat, in the north of Durban, KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa. He was raised in Tongaat by his mother who was a drama teacher. Having a mother who taught drama made it easy for the young Jack to master most acting skills before taking a career in the acting field.

Education of Jack Devnarain

He attended basic educational schools in Tongaat in Durban where studied drama. After that he enrolled at a university where he furthered his studies in drama. During his dram studies he was concurrently studying for his Law degree at the University of KwaZulu Natal. [ ¹]

Acting career of Jack Devnarain

Image of Jack Devnarain who plays Hashmi in Isono alongside Nthati Moshesh
Image of J Devnarain who plays Hashmi in Isono alongside Nthati Moshesh.

Jack started his career in theatre productions in the late 1980s. He performed in theatre plays such as Bombay Duck, alongside Pat Pillai (e.tv’s news presenter), and Stardust. After that he started to audition for more television roles which made him to appear in 7de Laan as Dr Patel, he played Sookun in Binnelanders Season 15 and played Prakash in City Ses’la Season 1.

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He became the most prominent actor of Indian descent in South Africa when he starred in Isidingo from the 2000s. His role on Isidingo was to play saintly character Rajesh Kumar until his departure in 2018. After that he made his television debut on Friday, June 1, 2018 in the e.tv soapie Imbewu: The Seed, playing the wicked Sanil Maharaj, a ruthless businessman with a reputation for merciless corporate takeovers. [ ²]

In 2021 he landed another role in the South African industry when he was casted as Hashmi in Isono alongside Nthati Moshesh (Mary Ndlovu ). other television serials where he appeared include 37 Honey Street, Home Affairs, Kompleks and Snitch. He also played the role of Dev in the SABC3 comedy series On the Couch. [ ³]

Movies where Jack Devnarain appeared

Since his debut in the industry, Jack has appeared in quite a number of films. In 1996 he played the role of a nervous Sikh in The Ghost And The Darkness. In 2011 he played a lead role of Ronnie Gopal alongside Rahul Brijnathi in 31 Million Reasons.

The movie 31 Million Reasons was loosely based on a true incident about one of the largest robberies in South African history, and it was about cops, robbers, and Bunny Chow. Two Chatsworth police officers, brothers Ronnie (Jack Devnarain) and Jugs (Rahul Brijnath), concoct a scheme to steal 31 million rand from a cash deposit facility. When cops are tasked with investigating their own heist, the stakes are quite high.

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Then in 2021 he played another starring role as Dr Hakeem in Alleyway alongside Luthuli Dlamini and Bheki Nkosi. In Alleyway, an undercover cop is released from jail after being wrongfully convicted for uncovering a conspiracy that led to the death of hundreds of people living with HIV. His other films include MayFair where he played Jalaal, Reyka, Florida Road, Tornado And The Kalahari Horse Whisperer, The Eastern Bride and he played Mr Bhandari in Liberty. [ ]

Other works of Jack Devnarain

Image of Jack Devnarain who plays Hashmi in Isono and Maharaj from Imbewu the seed.
Image of Jack Devnarain who plays Hashmi in Isono and Maharaj from Imbewu the seed.

He worked as a police officer for 9 years before taking a career in acting very seriously. While working in police force, he would take smallacting roles when his schedule allowed him. He is a charit ambassador who believes in giving back to the community and has served as ambassador to the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, Crime Line, CHOC and the SAPS Widows and Orphans Fund.

Apart from these good works he is an Mc, Voiceover artist, motivational speaker, Law practitioner and martial artist. With the help of police force experience and martial arts he is really good at self defense. [ ]

Personal life of Jack Devnarain

Image of Jack Devnarain with probably his wife Pam Devnarain.
Image of Jack Devnarain probably with his wife Pam Devnarain. No details proved that it was his wife.

Jack is married to Pam Devnarain and they were blessed with 2 children.

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