Who is advocate Fadzayi Mahere

Fadzayi Mahere is a 36-year-old old Zimbabwean lawyer and politician who is currently working as the spokesperson for a Zimbabwean political part, Citizens Coalition for Change. She rose to prominence as a politician in the mass movement of activists rising against the government in April 2016, after a career in legal advocacy, and has been detained multiple times as a result.

Biography Facts

Advocate Fadzayi Mahere wearing Yellow a major color for CCC
Image of Advocate Fadzayi Mahere wearing Yellow a major color for CCC.

Full name: Fadzayi Mahere
Gender: Female
Date of birth: July 30, 1985 (age- 36 years old)
Place of birth: Harare, Zimbabwe
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Occupation: Lawyer, Politician
Political Party: Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)
Website: fadzayimahere.wordpress.com

Early life of Fadzayi Mahere

Fadzayi Mahere was born in Harare, Zimbabwe on the 30th of July 1985. She was raised in Mount Pleasant in Harare. Nothing much about her childhood is yet known to us. Her father is an academic, member of ZanuPF and an educator Phd Stephen Mahere.

Education of Fadzayi Mahere

Fadzayi attended Arundel High School where she obtained her high school education. After that she enrolled at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) where she studied for a Bachelor’s of Law Honors Degree (LLB Hons) from 2004 to 2008.

In 2010 she enrolled at the University of Cambridge to proceed with her education here she studied for a Master of Laws, International Criminal Law and International Commercial Litigation. She graduated from Cambridge University in 2011. Her special area of focus was on election violence as a crime against humanity under international law.

She was Lead Counsel for the Zimbabwean Team that won the All Africa International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition in Arusha, Tanzania in 2007 and was awarded the Prize for the Best Oral Argument in the Finals while at the University of Zimbabwe. Mahere was also the lead counsel for the University of Zimbabwe team that won the National Moot Court Competition on International Humanitarian Law, and she represented Zimbabwe in the UNICEF African Video Conference on HIV/AIDS in 2006.

She was a member of the Cambridge Law Society Cambridge Pro Bono Pygiect Cambridge-Texas Defender Services Ca Union Debater during her time at Cambridge. [ ¹]

Career of Fadzayi Mahere

Image of Fadzayi Mahere doing an interview with Trevor the journalist.
Image of Fadzayi Mahere doing an interview with Trevor the journalist.

Mahere worked for a year in the International Criminal Court’s Prosecution Division in The Hague. She works at the Harare Bar as an advocate and barrister. Constitutional law, human rights law, and administrative law are among her main areas of work. She also handles criminal appeals and specialised crime cases.

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Fadzayi worked in the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in The Hague and for the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda before coming to Cambridge to study law.

She also received a Pegasus Fellowship from the Honorable Society of the Inner Temple in London, which let her to work in a variety of London chambers, including Essex Court Chambers and Doughty Street Chambers. In 2010, she marshalled with Judge Paget QC at London’s Oldest Criminal Court, the Old Bailey. Fadzayi teaches Administrative Law and Property Law at the University of Zimbabwe in addition to her profession as an advocate. [ ²]

Activism of Fadzayi Mahere

Image of Fadzayi Mahere doing activism demonstrations!
Image of Fadzayi Mahere doing activism demonstrations!

In 2015 Advocate Mahere joined political movements and she became very vocal against the suppression of the ZanuPF regime. In 2016 she was one of the prominent members of #ThisFlag Movement, a campaign started by Pastor Evan Mawarire that calls on Zimbabweans to carry the country’s flag with them as a sign of protest to the government for failing to provide a dignified life to its citizens.

Mahere chastised Mawarire in August 2016 for violating the hatichatya – we are not frightened statement that had been the movement’s tagline. Some Zimbabweans reacted angrily, accusing her of thinking that everyone had the same level of safety as she did as the daughter of a Zanu-PF member.

Following President Robert Mugabe’s address to war veterans on July 27, 2016, Mahere posted an open letter to him on her Facebook page, wondering if he was joking when he implemented the new constitution, which allows individuals to express themselves freely.

Arrests by the ZanuPF regime

In November 2016, Mahere was detained for protesting the anticipated introduction of Bond Notes. Mahere was demonstrating in Africa Unity Square with a small group of individuals when anti-riot police pounced on them and arrested them. Acie Lumumba, a politician, was a member of the group but was not detained with them. In December 2016, all accusations against the gang were withdrawn. The arrest was found unconstitutional by the court since there was no reasonable suspicion of a crime being committed.

She was arrested again on July 31, 2020, in Harare’s Groombridge shops for brandishing posters with words criticising corruption by senior government and ruling party leaders. A Harare Magistrate granted her ZWL$5,000 bail at the Harare Magistrate Court. The bail conditions include surrendering her passport.

Political career of Fadzayi Mahere

Fadzayi Mahere made her entry into politics on June 28, 2017, by announcing that she would run for Member of Parliament in her hometown of Mount Pleasant. She announced that she would run as an independent candidate.

She became the Secretary for Education for the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in June 2019. Mahere was named National Spokesperson for the MDC-Alliance in May 2020. She conducted outstanding work in Zimbabwe, exposing corruption and bringing government officials accountable. Fadzayi Mahere stayed in her post as spokesman for the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) when Nelson Chamisa transformed the MDC-Alliance political party to Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). [ ³]

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