Who exactly is Shadi Chauke?

African actress Shadi Chauke is well-rounded and resides in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has a flawless work ethic and is passionate about what she does. She enjoys acting in a variety of film genres, including drama, science fiction, animation, and thriller.

Biography of Shadi Chauke

Shadi Chauke Biography
Image of Shadi Chauke

Full name: Shadi Chauke
Date of birth: July 25, 1979
Place of birth: Gauteng, South Africa
Education: Wits University, South Africa,
Height: 1.63m
Occupation: Actress and Accountant
Known for: Ring of Lies
Net worth: Unknown
Nationality: South African

Early life of Shadi Chauke

She was born in Gauteng, South Africa, on July 25, 1979. She will be 44 in 2023. The actress was given the name Maboshadi after Shadi Chauke’s grandmother. She loved her grandmother so much that she spent the majority of her early years with her. Of her three siblings, she is the oldest. Due to the attention, love, and compassion she gave to Shadi Chauke’s siblings, they see her as their mother. [1]

Education of  Shadi Chauke

She studied at the University of Witwatersrand from 1998 to 2000. In order to complete a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance. Furthermore, she completed a Bachelor of Accounting degree at the same university in 2001. Majoring in auditing, taxation, financial accounting, and financial management. She is a skilled specialist in the fields of finance and accounting.

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Work as an Accountant

She has over 5 years of senior management experience in the media, financial services, and auditing sectors and is a chartered accountant. And, has been working for more than ten years altogether. So, she’s not only a trained actor but also has experience in the financial industry. [2]

Personal life of Shadi Chauke

Shadi Chauke Biography

Image of Shadi with her sons

Rodgers Chauke, her childhood sweetheart, is her husband. While attending college, they became friends. They are fortunate to have two kids. Moreover, they have made their love story public and continue to inspire many through their relationship. The couple was blessed with two boys together, thanks to her husband, Rodgers Chauke. And, the boys are 10 and 6, respectively. For their parents, they encapsulate happiness.


When in high school, she realized that acting was her passion. She tried it, and it was successful. Even in high school, she won awards for being the finest director and performer. Everything changed, though, when her father advised against becoming an actress. He advised her to seek a career path that would enable her to become wealthy and make real money.

She made her acting debut in 2016 and appeared in seasons I and II of the well-known telenovela Ring of Lies. Moreover, she played a CCMA commissioner in a guest appearance in season three of the well-known legal drama Sokhulu and Partners in 2016. She has since had supporting parts in Shadow, Netflix’s first South African original series. [3]

More Career highlights

She excelled in her role as Leena, the harsh and conflicted officer. This was featured in the critically acclaimed worldwide short film White Gold (2020). Moreover, Chauke voiced the narrator in the world-renowned documentary film Have You Heard from Johannesburg? by acclaimed American director Connie Field (2010).

The famous person has also appeared in a number of business videos for wealthy clients as a presenter and voice actor. Furthermore, she has advanced to the finals of a national beauty competition. Since, women in marriage were eligible to compete. Thereafter, In 2016, she took part in Mrs. South Africa.