Tsepo Doncabe full biography Nkazimulo from Uzalo

Tsepo Doncabe is a bright young South African actor. He was born in 2007 and will be 15 years old in 2022. Doncabe is well known for his role as Nkazimulo in Mzansi’s most popular soapie, Uzalo.

Biography profile: Tshepo Doncabe

Tsepo Doncabe as Nkazimulo from Uzalo.
Image of Tsepo Doncabe as Nkazimulo from Uzalo. Im- Instagram.

Full name: Tshepo Zulu-kaMalandelana Doncabe
Date of birth: 2007
Age: 15 years old
From: Durban, KwaZulu Natal,
,,Birth place: Unknown
Occupation: Actor, Director and Writer
Height: 1.61m
TV shows: Uzalo
Net worth: Unknown
Salary: R10 000 – R20 000
Known as: Nkazimulo from Uzalo
Nationality: South African

Nkazimulo from Uzalo, age and real name.

Many people asked who this young child on Uzalo was. He persuaded many people with his role as Nkazimulo on Uzalo. Tsepo Doncabe is his true name. Tsepo Doncabe is 15 years old and is known as Nkazimulo on Uzalo. He was born in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, in 2007. However, the precise date of his birth is unknown.

His relatives live in Durban, KwaZulu Natal. It is uncertain whether or not his parents are involved in his life. He has a sister, a picture of whom he shared on Facebook. Nkazimulo from Uzalo is still a student in high school. It is unknown what grade he is receiving. However, some sources estimate him to be in 9th or 10th grade as of 2022.

Educational Background

According to his Facebook and social. Tsepo is currently in high school. However, the name of the school he is attending is currently unavailable.

Tsepo Doncabe passion in acting.

Tsepo Doncabe as Nkazimulo from Uzalo.
Tsepo Doncabe as Nkazimulo from Uzalo with his friend.

AMany people acknowledged his skill once he appeared as Nkazimulo on Uzalo. Tsepo began his acting career in KwaZulu Natal with short films and plays. He can be found everywhere there is an arts event. He also received honors and diplomas for his performance among his colleagues who are also interested in performing.

Tsepo demonstrated his talent with his buddies in one of the Facebook videos. Wiseman Mncube, who plays Sibonelo on Uzalo, was impressed. He praised their talent and promised to introduce it to the appropriate people. Seeing him on Television is the evidence that he was introduced to the right people. Now his talent for acting is seen by millions viewers across the country. Tsepo’s first appearance on Television was on Uzalo.

Tsepo Doncabe character on Uzalo

Uzalo’s Nkazimulo Nkazimulo is a new Uzalo character. He is Pastor Gwala’s son. He grew up without his father till he eventually found him. Tsepo struggled to bond with his father after discovering him. In addition, his father has a girlfriend, making it difficult for A to create a bond with his father. Nkazimulo’s behavior is not acceptable. Growing up without a father has resulted in this. Pastor Gwala grew up without his father as well.

Height of Tsepo Doncabe

According to our estimates. The young actor should be expected to stand at a height of 1.6m to 1.62m. As he is still a young teenager and still growing. This height will most likely change within a few years.

Net worth

Since this is his first Television gig. There is no enough information to conclude the youngster’s net worth. However, we do know that his salary should be expected to be between R10 00 – R20 000.

Tsepo on Social media

Doncabe is on Social media such as Facebook. On Facebook, he has an account by the name Tsepo Zulu Kamalandela and page named Tsepo Doncabe with only 154 followers as of 2023. Tshepo does not have Instagram but maybe he will create it!

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