Who exactly is Tongayi Arnold Chirisa

Tongayi Arnold Chirisa musician and actor from Zimbabwe, was born on August 8th, 1981. Several followers have been won over by Tongayi’s endearing nature, as evidenced by the size of his social media following. He has advanced to the position he holds today thanks to his ongoing employment in the film industry.

Biography of Tongayi Arnold Chirisa

Tongayi Arnold Chirisa Biography
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Full name : Tongayi Chirisa
Date of birth : 8 August 1981
Place of birth : Harare, Zimbabwe
Education : Lomagundi College and AFDA
Height : 1.78m
Occupation : Actor
Known for : Mr. Bones, Hawaii five-0 as Don
Net worth : $1 million
Nationality : Zimbabwean

Early life

Although he is regarded to be a very reticent person, not much is known about his parents, family, or the majority of his personal life. Tongayi Chirisa is maturing like a great wine at the age of 38. [1]

Education of Tongayi Arnold Chirisa

He moved to South Africa after finishing his studies at Lomagundi College. He attended The South African School of Motion Picture Media and Live Performance (AFDA) in South Africa where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Personal life of Tongayi Arnold Chirisa

Tongayi Arnold Chirisa Biography
Image of Tongayi alongside Leon Schuester on Mr bones2

Images of Arnold and Ericka Guitron, a pop artist and an actress, went viral online in late 2018. The celebrity couple made no effort to hide their public displays of adoration on their respective social media accounts. Photos of their romance are no longer visible on their pages because the two split up and moved on. As no information has come out of Arnold’s end, it is currently unknown if he has resumed dating. [2]

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Career of Tongayi

He played Detective Trevor Davies in Studio 263 in 2003, a role he continued to play through 2005. His work paved the groundwork for subsequent movies like Cousin Brother, Evil in Our Midst, and Blood Covenant. He moved to South Africa in 2006 with the goal of expanding his professional options. He received numerous possibilities while he was there and landed parts in Robinson, Skin, Diamonds, and Mrs. Mandela.

Arnold became well-known in South Africa after landing the role of Hekule The King of Kuvikiland in Leon Schuster’s Mr. Bones 2: Back from the Past. He said, “I almost didn’t get cast in the movie.”

”I applied for Mr. Bones 2 in 2007, but I nearly didn’t get it because they claimed I was too thin. A few weeks later, just as they were preparing to recruit someone else, I emerged from the gym excited, and the rest is history.”

In 2009, he flew to Hollywood, and he has gotten roles in major movies and television shows. He is currently based there. [3]

Music Carreer

On September 22, 2017, Tongayi released a music video for Usacheme. Don’t Cry is the English translation of the Shona term that serves as the song’s title. The music video was made by Joe Njagu, a well-known Zimbabwean director, and the song also includes the stunning Tamy.

Net Worth

Arnold is thought to have a net worth of about $1 million. It is safe to state that he is rapidly increasing his money through his employment in the entertainment business. Tongayi Chirisa is 6 feet tall, or 183 cm.

Tongayi Chirisa strikes me as a positive, tenacious individual who pursues his goals. He still garners media attention for his movies and motivates the next generation.