Who is Tiffany Barbuzano the actress? Know her biography, acting, parenting and career

Tiffany Barbuzano is a 44-year-old South African actress known for playing Jessica in Still Breathing (2020). But her career is from a while back. In 2010, she starred the role ‘Danny Gibson’ in the e.tv drama series 4 Play: Sex Tips for Girls. She continued to play the role until 2012. However, in 2013, she won the SAFTA Golden Horn award. For the category of Best Actress for the serial 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls.

Full biography:

Image of Tiffany Barbuzano.
Image of Tiffany Barbuzano.

Full name: Tiffany Jones Barbuzano
Date of birth: 1978 (age- 44)
Place of birth: South Africa
Education: University of the Witwatersrand and National School of Arts
Occupation: Actress
Known for: Jessica in Still breathing
Spouse(s): Johnny Barbuzano
Children: 2
Networth: No estimates
Nationality: South African

Early life of Tiffany Barbuzano.

While Tiffany Barbuzano’s entire childhood is unknown to all her fans. However, we do know that she attended the national school of Art as youngster. And after graduating with a film diploma. She then went on to pursue her education. We don’t know who Tiffany’s parents are or if she has any siblings. How she grew up and many other things remain unknown.

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Education of Tiffany Barbuzano

While most mainstream actors have no actual acting education. Tiffany is one of the few that do. She obtained a BA Dramatic Arts degree from the University of the Witwatersrand. But that’s not all, she also completed a diploma in film at the National School of the Arts.

Personal life of Tiffany Barbuzano

A stunning image of Tiffany Barbuzano in her every day life.
A stunning image of Tiffany Barbuzano in her every day life.

Tiffany Barbuzano is married to Johnny Barbuzano and they both have 2 children. Moreover, the pair also own a company together. The production company is called Localala Productions. She has also appeared in a number of theatrical productions. Including Six Inches and Shakers. She was in the casts of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Othello, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Tiffany Barbuzano kids, Jamie and Jesse, are adorable. She proudly says that while the corona pandemic has presented its fair share of challenges, she, together with her husband, has taken advantage of the situation to bond more with the kids.

Jamie and Jesse Barbuzano, the children of Tiffany Barbuzano, are adorable. She is proud to say that, while the corona pandemic has presented some challenges, she and her husband have used the situation to strengthen their bond with their children.

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Networth of Tiffany B

Her networth is unknown with no recurring estimates in the public records. All we know is that she is getting most of her money from acting and from her production company. However, the exact net worth or even the estimate net worth is unknown.

Furthermore, her husband is also an actor and director. In most cases, they work together on projects. For example, in the script that Tiffany wrote for the M-Net’s drama series, Mr Barbuzano served as the show director while she took up a role. This communistic hand in hand work helps them to stay together while financing themselves.

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Career of Tiffany Barbuzano

Image of Tiffany Barbuzano who played as Dori in Isidingo.
Image of Tiffany Barbuzano who played as Dori in Isidingo.

She was part of the BBC drama series Wild at Heart, and as a scriptwriter, she wrote for several television shows, including Izoso Connexion, Isidingo, Scandal, and several others. In 2015, she played a role in the SABC3, where she played the role of Dori, a life coach.

Tiffany has also appeared in a number of television series including numerous Quickies (a one-minute film festival), Snitch, Binnelanders and the international feature film Man to Man as well as in Uncle Max, an ITV children’s television series. [1]

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  • Show- Season | Character
  • 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls – Season (1-3) | Danny Gibson (as Tiffany Jones)
  • Bedford Wives – Season 1 | Astrid Hunter-Thomson
  • Hotel – Season 5 | Pam
  • Housekeepers – Season 2 and 3 | Detective Venter
  • Isidingo – Season 1 | Dori
  • Izoso Connexion – Season 1 | Gabriella
  • Mazinyo dot Q. – Season 1 | Monique Lingeveldt (as Tiffany Jones)
  • My Story – Season 1 | Voice-over Artist – Herself
  • SAFTAs – Season 8,11 & 13 | Presenter – Herself
  • Ses’Top La – Season 2 | Guest Star
  • Sober Companion – Season 1 | Grace Higginson
  • Soul Buddyz – Season 3 | Gallery Assistant
  • Still Breathing – Season 1 | Jessica
  • Taryn & Sharon – Season 1 | Jeanine
  • The Wild – Season 2 | German Tourist
  • Tydelik Terminaal – Season 1 | Dr Costa

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