Thembi Monya AKA Amahle on Isitha Biography


Thembi Monya is a South African Actress, the Thespian , public relations and communications born 28 March between 2000 or 1999 she must be 23 or 24 years old. She wad born in Johannesburg, Gauteng province.

Biography profile of Thembi Monya

Thembi Monya Biography
Image of Thembi

Full name  : Thembi Monya

Gender  : Female

Age : 23 or 24 years

Date of birth  : 28 March 1999 or 2000

Place of birth  : Johannesburg,  Gauteng province

Occupation  : Actress, Thespian and Public relations

Nationality  : South African

Instagram  : @thembi_sm

Facebook : Thembii Monyaa

Early life

Thembi was born on the 28 of March between 1999 and 2000. She was born in Johannesburg, Gauteng province in South Africa. There is no much information about her parents and how she was raised. Thembi seems to have loved fashion and Art as she grew up according to her social media information and pictures on Instagram and Facebook. [1]

Education of Thembi Monyaa

Thembi went to Iterele Zenzele Comprehensive high school and finished her matric there. After writing her matric 1n 2018 she went to the University of Johannesburg.  She studied public relations and communications there. No information about her primary school education at the moment.

Personal life

Thembi speaks Sotho and english when it comes to language.  The has two nicknames Tee and Theigh. Thembi is in a relationship according to her facebook relationship status.  It is Unknown who exactly is her boyfriend although on Isitha The Enemy she is dating Velaphi aka Kwanda Manyathi. [2]

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Career of Thembi Monya and her role on Isitha

Thembi Monya Biography
Image of Monya

Thembi appeared in many different tv drama series like on Isono. She appeared as a guest on many soapies like Isono as a waitress.  She also played a nurse on Muvhango on SABC 2. She also appeared on The Queen as an extra. She appeared on  The Black Door as a gold digger  but a school girl.

She continued with her Character from The Black Door to Isitha. On Isitha she is currently portraying the role of Amahle . She is Velaphi’s girlfriend. Currently Amahle was spending a lot of time with Mbuso because he wanted to make him jealousy so the day she wanted to kiss Mbuso Velaphi caught red handed. The two got in a fight for a girl and Mbuso got injured in on the eye.  [3]

Social media

You can check Thembi on her social media platforms. She posts her beautiful pictures on Instagram and Facebook.  On Instagram is @thembi_ms with 143 posts and 13, 7K followers and is following 2963. She is also on Facebook as Thembii Monyaa. She has 4,9 K friends on her Facebook account.