The life of Jazz legend and actor Ndumiso Nyovane

Ndumiso Nyovane is a South African jazz trumpeter, singer and actor. He has guest starred in numerous television series. Including Tshisa, City Ses’la, Backstage, Ihawu and Zabalaza. And, recently, he has played the role of Mpho on etv’s Isono.

Biography: Ndumiso Nyovane

Image of Ndumiso Nyovane
Image of Ndumiso Nyovane

Full name: Ndumiso Nyovane
Other names: Jubza
Date of birth: 18 April
Place of birth: Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa
Current location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Education: Daliwonga High school (class-1983)
Alma mater: Batchelor of Arts at Witswatersrand University of Johannesburg
Height: 1.7m (verified by agency)
Brother: Khuze Rolex Nyovane
Daughter: Vamnah Vams and Ntsika Nyovane
Occupation: Musician and Actor
Known for: Mpho on etv’s Isono,
Nationality: South Africa

Early Life of Ndumiso Nyovane

Ndumiso Nyovane was born in Soweto, Gauteng. His birth year is unknown. However, it is known that he was born in April. Around the dates 16-18. Moreover, he has a brother named Khuze Rolex. Whom he acknowledged on his Facebook account. Moreover, according to his biography, he started music at around the age of 12. So, art is also he has known since he was child.


Nyovane finished his high school at the Daliwonga high school in 1984. Thereafter, he went on to study for a Batchelor of Arts at the Witswatersrand University of Johannesburg. And graduated in 1987 and then went on later to further his studies at the same university in 1998.

Beginning of Music career of Ndumiso Nyovane

Ndumiso Nyovane
Ndumiso Nyovane

He began doing music at the age of 12. After receiving his first trumpet from Ray Nkwe. Who was the director of Gallo Africa Recording Company. Thereafter, he joined the band Varukweru. Which was formed in the early 80’s. Collaborated with South African musicians of that time like Papa and Blondie Makhene, Marah Louw and Abigail Khubeka. Moreover, also played with the popular band Harare, with Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse.

Furthermore, Ndumiso’s musical aspirations in the early 80’s culminated with Lucky Dube and his band Slaves. Which helped propel Lucky and his unique reggae style from obscurity to international stardom.

Along with Lucky Dube and the Slaves, Ndumiso toured Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Including two performances at Jamaica’s prestigious Sun Splash Festival. Furthermore, he also toured Qatar, Dubai and Egypt through that band.

Self recorded music of Ndumiso Nyovane

While he had spent most of his life under a band without his own music. He decided in 2001 to record his own music. Ndumiso recorded his first album entitled Mofolo Hall (Akulawa). Which was released under the Electromode Records label.

Moreover, he also recorded a gospel album named Trumpet from Heaven. Which was a collaboration between different artists. Moreover, Trumpet from heaven was nominated for Best Contemporary Album at the Crown Gospel Awards in November 2010.

Locally or nationaly

Even though he had traveled most of the world. Locally, Ndumiso performed at the Joy of Jazz International, the Arts Alive Festival, the North Sea Jazz Festival in Cape Town and Cape Town Jazz International 2009.

Moreover, he was featured on radio shows such as Just Jazz and Afro Café, and his music videos were flighted on several television stations. Hid style of music was described as a fusion of South African music (Mbanqanga) and African jazz. He used all possible musical elements and combined different styles.

Acting career

Well, music isn’t all he does. As an actor he has been featured in many television adverts including Vodacom and Silversands (Poker). Moreover, he has also been featured in the series Tshisa and City Ses’la. As well as in a television advert for BBC which was aired internationally. Furthermore, he recently appeared as Mpho on Isono. The new telenovela.

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