10 Scandal actors and their partners

Scandal actors and their partners

1. Melusi Mbele✅️
2. Matthews Rantsoma ✅️
3. Mapaseka Koetle✅️
4. Nunu Khumalo ✅️
5. Nomvelo Makhanya ✅️
6. Nolwazi Ngubeni ✅️
7. Natasha Sutherland ✅️
8. Sihle Ndaba✅️


Scandal is one of the most watched telenovela and fans are surely attached to its actors. It’s quite obvious you might wanna know their partners in real life since you have known their onscreen ones. We gonna look at 10 Scandal actors and their partners.

Number 8, Natasha Sutherland

Scandal actors and their partners
Image of Natasha Sutherland

She is known for playing the role of Layla Mckenzie in Scandal etv. On the soapie she dated several man including Wesley but most fans didn’t know much about her personal life and who she dated, either she is married or not. Natasha was married to Steve Hofmeyr, a South African singer, songwriter, and TV presenter. They married on 1998 and she later divorced acrimoniously in 2008 citing Steve’s 10-year relationship with fitness instructor Janine van der Vyver. The couple has two sons: Benjamin and Sebastian. It’s not clear who she ever dated after that because she kept her life private. [1]

Number 7, Melusi Mbele

Scandal actors and their partners
Image of Melusi Mbele and his wife

On the drama Melusi portrayed the role of Joseph Kubeka and was married to Mbali, a liar and notorious woman who would do anything to keep her marriage intact. His marriage with Mbali collapsed because of her lies but in real life Melusi Mbele is married to her lovely longtime girlfriend Andiswa Mqungu. Their marriage took place in 2022 as a traditional ceremony in the bride’s hometown of East London, at the Cove Ridge Estate Farm.

The lovebirds met on what was a work trip for Andiswa, to a soccer match in Mpumalanga, where she was a model and Melusi, who is friends with Andiswa’s boss, joined them on the trip. She describes it as almost love at first sight because she recalls being so amused by Melusi on the day and just laughing at all his jokes.

Number 6, Mapaseka Koetle

Scandal actors and their partners
Image of Mmapaseka Koetle

BEST known as feisty and a reformed manipulative Dintle on e.tv’s Scandal, Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong is a married woman who has got her own personal life. In recent Scandal episodes, we saw her character of Dintle getting married to a man she loved so much, Reggie, but it ended in tears when she found out that the very same man was her father. It was sad and traumatizing for her as the mood just changed from joyous to sadness but in real life she is married to Nelson Nyokong and their marriage has been through tough times too. She has been report to have fallen out of love in her real life marriage and is considering a divorce. According to some sources, she has been cheating on her husband with a famous Dj, speculated to be DJ Fresh.


Number 5, Nunu Khumalo

Scandal actors and their partners
Image of Nunu and her boyfriend

Nunu whose full name is Nqobile Khumalo is known for playing the role of Hlengiwe in etv Scandal. On the soapie she dated several man including Quinton Nyathi, Amo and Dr Nyasha Mugari but fans had not been acquainted with her real life boyfriends. In real life Nunu is dating a white guy from Rome named Federico Ancillai, and the two are so much in love.

The two lovebirds first met in October 2019 when  Nunu Khumalo won an award for Best African Actress at the New Vision International Film Festival held in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Federico posted a picture congratulating Ngobile on her award and how it was his pleasure to meet her. That was the beginning of their love story because a month later, they posted a picture together. [2]

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Number 4, Matthews Rantsoma

Scandal actors and their partners
Image of Matthews Rantsoma and her girlfriend

On the drama Matthews Rantsoma portrays a smart and hard working guy by the name of Nhlamulo, who dated Bridget and had two children before they split. After that he dated Lindiwe Ngema until they got married but their love life ended in tears when Lindiwe passed away leaving him a daughter by the name of Larona. In real life Nhlamulo from Scandal, real name Matthews Rantsoma, is dating Sarona Joy Nyapele. There is no information on when and how they met but the two seemed to be deep in love.

Number 3, Sihle Ndaba

Scandal actors and their partners
Image of Sihle and her boyfriend

The actress has acted as a lesibian since her arrival on Scandal, she dated several women including Bridget but her relationships mostly ended in tears. In real life, Sihle was private about her love life but she recently publicize her boyfriend on Instagram. She posted pictures of her trainer boyfriend while at the beach. The two exercises and train together in fitness program and they are deeply inlove.

Number 2, Nomvelo Makhanya

Scandal actors and their partners

Nomvelo played the role of Lindiwe on Scandal, the wife of Nhlamulo Maseko. In real life Nomvelo Makhanya dated Zan Mthiyane in a long serious relationship and she was public about her relationship. After they walked their separated ways, she dated her second man whose name is not known to the public. The beautiful actress is no longer on Scandal but she still deserves to be on the list for her outstanding performance on the soapie.

Scandal actors and their partners Number 1, Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni

Scandal actors and their partners
Image of Nolwazi and her husband

On Scandal Nolwazi Shange portrayed the role of Mbali, the wife of Jojo Kubeka who was manipulative and an evil go getter. She was so obsessed and possessive of her husband that she pretended to have been pregnant only to keep her relationship with her husband intact, but it ended in tears. In real life, she is married to Mzwandile Ngubeni, a movie star and they are happy together since their marriage in 2011. The duo met in 2010 through work and grew fond of each other until they had a traditional wedding in 2016 about five years after marriage.