Ryle de Morny life history! Get to know him

Ryle de Morny (born on July 5, 1988) is a 33 year old South African Actor, Model, Athlete and Entrepreneur. He is best known presenting on South African magazine show ‘Top Billing’ and for portraying Chad Morgan on Netflix’s Blood and Water.

Biography Profile

Image Ryle de Morny who is Chad Morgan from Blood and Water season .
Image of Ryle a Lifesaver Guard, Entrepreneur, actor and athlete.

Full name: Ryle de Morny
Gender: Male
Date of birth: July 5, 1988 (age – 33)
Place of birth: Capetown, Western Cape Province, South Africa
Citizenship: South African
Occupation: Actor, Model, Athlete, Entrepreneur
TV Shows: Top Billing, Blood and Water
Education: Bergvliet High school
Alma mater: University of Cape Town

Early life of Ryle de Morny

Ryle de Morny was born in Cape Town, Western Cape Province in South Africa. He was born on July 5, 1988. He grew up in Cape Town and enjoyed spending time at beach. At the age of 8 he developed interest in becoming a beach life guard and he became one at that tender age.

Education of de Morny

He attended his primary and secondary School in Cape Town. He attended and matriculated from Bergvliet High school. After that he enrolled to further his education at the University of Cape Town.

Career as a Life Saver of Ryle de Morny

Image Ryle de Morny who is Chad Morgan from Blood and Water season .
Image of Ryle deMorny as a Lifesaver on a beach.

Ryle has represented South Africa at world level as a Life saver guard. He has won two world championships as Lifesaver guard. He has done this job for more than 22 years, now he takes on weekend duties to save people from drowning. He is also a title holder of “fastest man on sand”, he won gold twice at the world championships for beach sprinting.

Presenting and acting career for De Morny

In 2018 he entered the Presenter Search on 3 talent competition, in which SABC3 sought new presenters for its flagship shows Top Billing, Afternoon Express and Expresso. He made his television debut after making it to the Top ten finalists and win on Presenter Search on Sabc3. He became the presenter and host of the show that same year until it was cancelled by SABC3 in the following years.

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After making it to top finalists of Presenter Search SABC3, de Morny admitted that he always wanted to be on TV since his childhood.

“It is absolutely surreal but at the same time, it almost feels as if a dream is starting to materialise. A part of me has wanted this ever since the days of rushing home after school to try and watch Pabi Moloi and the rest of the KTV gang on TV as a kid,” said Ryle de Morny. [¹]

Acting career of Ryle de Morny

Image Ryle de Morny who is Chad Morgan from Blood and Water season .
Image of Ryle de-Morny who is Chad Morgan from Blood and Water season .

In 2019 he made his professional television acting debut on Netflix’s mystery drama series Blood and Water. In the show a Cape Town teen sets out to prove whether a private-school swimming star is her sister who was abducted at birth.

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His role was to portray Chad Morgan on this show of Blood and Water season 1 alongside Khosi Ngema, and Mekaila Mathys. [²] Chad is the swim coach at Pankhurst College and he is having a secret affair with Fikile. Ryle de Morny is a competitive lifeguard, personal trainer and TV presenter. Blood & Water is Ryle’s first acting gig. [³]

Ryle de Morny is an Entrepreneur!

He is the founder of a company which specializes in manufacturing customised gym equipment for athletes. He is also the owner of Trail blazer Shiking Club which you can follow on Instagram @trailblazeeshikingclub. He also appears on shield affiliated link on his Instagram which brings about a speculation that he is probably its brand ambassador.

Personal life of Ryle

Ryle de Morny is dating Mel Corbett and have been in love for more than two years now. He has social media accounts, a Facebook page and Instagram account. His Instagram handle is @natural_ct and you can follow his facebook page and Instagram for more on his personal life.