Prudence Sebalo South African Musical Performer Biography

One of the brightest musical performers in the South African music scene is Prudence Sebalo, born on April 16, 1985. Professionally, she is known as Miss Pru DJ. She is one of the best Disc Jockeys (DJs), Songwriters, and Music Producers and is currently signed to the top record company, Ambitouz Entertainment.

Biography profile Miss Prudence

Prudence Sebalo Biography
Image of Prudence Sebalo

Full name : Prudence Sebalo
Date of birth : 16 April 1985
Place of birth : Gauteng, South Africa
Education : Unknown
Height : 1.65m
Occupation : Disk Jockey
Known for : Miss Pru DJ
Net worth : Unknown
Nationality : South Africa

Early life

Ms Pru DJ comes from a lowly upbringing. The Sebalos are her parents, Mr. and Mrs. She was raised in the Gauteng region of South Africa and was born on April 6, 1985. Miss Pru, became interested in music as a youngster after being influenced by the burgeoning South African pop music scene while she was growing up. She was a talented lyricist even though she didn’t have a voice as impressive as most of her pals who were musicians.

Moreover, she developed a fascination for DJing as she was writing song lyrics in her diary. She trained at Fuse Academy and graduated after months of study to fulfill this desire. Prudence enrolled in a radio communications course with On Cue Communications in an effort to better herself. She became the host of the Rhythm100 radio program The Sound Elevation using these two pieces of training. [1]

Education of Prudence Sebalo

Ms Pru DJ was an average but diligent student who graduated from her elementary, middle, and high schools with good grades. She has attended a lot of workshops, seminars, and conferences related to the media and entertainment industry because she is interested about learning new things.

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Personal life of Prudence Sebalo

Miss Pru DJ is a talented artist who works extremely hard. She is very beautiful. She loves beautiful tattoos and has several in the form of birds on her body.

While she is currently single, she is eager to get together with a new guy. After they realized they had lost their affections for one another, she and her ex-boyfriend ended their relationship peacefully.

She has ties to A-list performers including Malome, Manny Yack, Fakaloice, and Blaq Diamond. She is a devout Christian with a strong spiritual connection. [2]

Career of Prudence Sebalo

Prudence Sebalo Biography
Image of DJ Prudence Sebalo

Miss Pru DJ co-hosted the radio program House Of Her with DJ Zinhle. TransAfrica Radio was the usual broadcaster of the program. She started getting side gigs to play at birthday parties, business events, and wedding receptions all throughout South Africa. She has already performed at events including the Dance Ritual Concert and the South African Music Conference. She has also been to North America and other African towns to play at occasions.

Miss Pru DJ joined the record label in 2015 after signing a contract with Ambitouz Entertainment, continuing to pursue her music career. Her tenure with the label has been fruitful. Together with her growing fame, she has also worked with several influential people in the sector.

How her debut track took her far

The release of Miss Pru DJ’s debut track, Welele, into the music scene in 2015 propelled her into the spotlight. After that, she started getting more requests to collaborate with companies in the sector and perform at events. With the 2016 smash track, Ameni, co-written by her label mates, she surpassed this accomplishment.

Miss Pru DJ created a tune to excite her followers in South Africa and throughout the world after spending months alone during the lockdown. Almost a million people have viewed the song uHulumeni on YouTube. She made the decision to co-found Sedima Shea Butter Business in order to diversify her income. [3]

Social media

Miss Pru DJ communicates with her followers on social media. She has 254k followers on Twitter and more than 184k followers on Instagram.

username on Instagram: @missprrmu dj
@MissPru DJ is her Twitter handle.