Paballo Koza Biography


Paballo Koza, born on 19 March 2002 (age-19 years old) is a South African Actor and You tuber. Paballo is a South African film personality known for starring in Easy Money, among other roles.

Biography Profile

Paballo Koza who plays as Khaya Khoza on The Queen and Isono as Dombollo
Imagd of Paballo Koza who plays as Khaya Khoza on The Queen and Isono as Dombollo.

Full name: Paballo Koza
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 19 March 2002
Age: 19 years old
Place of birth: Johannesburg, Gauteng province,South Africa
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actor and You tuber
Instagram: @paballokoza
Twitter: @paballokoza

Early age of Paballo Koza

Paballo Koza who plays as Khaya Khoza on The Queen and Isono as Dombollo
Image of Paballo eating a cake.

Paballo Koza is a 19 year-old South African actor and YouTuber. He was born on the 19th of March 2002 in Johannesburg South Africa. He started acting at the age of five and later received an Africa Movie Academy Awards nomination for Best Actor for his starring role in Dora’s peace. Paballo’s late maternal grandmother, Seipati Shabiso, helped him to sign to an agency, which got him a commercial role that got him noticed.

Despair use to tell him stories of how he watched television l day, and young Koza would attempt to create whatever caught his attention. Seipati was the first to spot the acting talent in her grandson and did everything in the best interest of his career, ensuring that Paballo was on Track.

Education of Paballo Koza

Juggling between work and classs is challenging for Paballo, considering he runs on a tight schedule. Paballo’s parents have been supportive of his career. He learned how to film after school hours, weekends and Holidays. He matriculated in 2020.

Career of Paballo Koza

Paballo who appeared on Isono as Dombollo
Image of Paballo who appeared on Isono as Dombollo.

An acting job of 2007 in Mr muscle commercial opened ways for Paballo to explore more opportunities in line with the dream of becoming an actor. Luckily the gig brought him not only fame but also new role models in the industry. Family and fans comprise him a support system that has seen him progressing steadily. Paballo has featured in different roles and acted in variety of television shows and movies. He played Khaya Khoza on The Queen, Isono as Dombollo and Housekeepers as Mtho.

He played the lead role of Mandla in the 2014 short film The Blanket and the following year played the lead role of Umfaan in the Darrell Roodt film Skorokoro. In 2018 he updated his first video on his You tube channel.

Personal life of Paballo Koza

Paballo is currently single not dating anyone. He is a soft-spoken young celebrity often leave heads turning wherever he goes.



. The Queen as Khaya Khoza
. Isono as Dombollo
. Housekeepers as Mtho
. Easy Money as Moagi
. Rhythm city as Zama


. Riding with Sugar as Vetkoek
. Dora’s peace as Peace
. Skorokoro as Umfaan