Naledi Willers bio, education, Career, Personal life, Death

A reality TV celebrity, actress, and former beauty pageant winner from South Africa, Naledi Willers was born in 1991 and passed away in December 2021. She was one of the Johannesburg Real Housewives’ featured housemates.

Biography of Naledi Willers

Naledi Willers Biography
Image of Naledi Willers

Full name: Naledi Willers
Date of birth: 1991
Date of Death: 2021 (30 years old)
Cause of Death: Breast Cancer
Place of birth: Botswana
Education: Unknown
Height: 1.62m
Occupation: Reality TV Star, Lawyer and Writer
Known for: RHOJ
Net worth: $350 million
Nationality: Tswana

Early life of Naledi Willers

In a little town in Botswana, Naledi Willers was born and reared. Her mother, whom she likes so much, groomed her. Naledi had a mixed ancestry. Her father, a South African, had a great sense of humor when he was younger. She once credited her mother for her accomplishments and recalled her as being “tight”.

When her mother just turned 50. Naledi reveled in the occasion and used it to think back on their time in Botswana. The reality television personality was born on November 11th, 1991. When she passed away, she was 30 years old. Before he passed away on December 8, 2021, she celebrated her birthday on November 11 every year. [1]

Education of Naledi Willers

Naledi’s mother paid for her to attend school. She was educated through elementary and high school in Botswana, where she was raised. She also earned a law degree, ending a few years ago while still battling breast cancer. [2]

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Career of Naledi Willers

Naledi Willers Biography
Image of Naledi Willers

She competed in the Miss Botswana beauty pageant in 2009, coming in second place overall. Later, she switched to acting, which appeared to be successful. In the Real Housewives of Johannesburg TV series on Netflix, Naledi  was one of six prominent housemates (RHOJ). The program portrays the opulent way of life of ladies and showcases their wealth and luxury. The program is unscripted and features actual events, claims Naledi. Also a socialite and Instagram model, Naledi.

Personal Life

The Naked DJ and the reality TV queen just called it quits. Quinton Masina. Following their split, Naledi posted on Instagram to inform her followers about the divorce and to wish the other person well.

On November 29th, 2019, Naledi received a stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer diagnosis. She was virtually finished with school at the time. After a brief period of treatment, she recovered last year.

She also enjoys traveling, recently taking trips to Dubai and Paris. She lived in Botswana and worked as an actress the most of the time. [3]

Net worth

Naledi Willers, a South African actress, with a respectable net worth of between $100,000 and $350,000.