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South African actress and costume designer Mila Guy. She achieved fame for her performances in the 2017 movies Wonderlust and Dear Father Christmas as well as the 2016 comedy series Hotel on kykNET. She now plays Lana Basson on the soap opera 7 de Laan. In addition to acting in a series that debuted in June or July of 2020, Mila also tried her hand at directing.

Biography Profile  Mila Guy

Mila Guy Biography
Image of Mila Guy

Full name : Mila Guy
Date of birth : 1992
Place of birth : Linden, Johannesburg, South Africa
Education : University of Pretoria
Height : 1.76m
Occupation : Actress
Known for : 7 de Laan
Net worth : Unknown
Nationality : South African

Early life

Mila Guy is a 31-year-old man. She now resides in Linden, Johannesburg, despite having been born in Nelspruit. Mila Guy was born on November 15th. She had to leave Nelspruit High School for a school in Rotorua when she was eight years old and in grade 8 since her family had moved to Rotorua, New Zealand. [1]

Education of Mila Guy

Mila Guy’s profile indicates that she has a talent for singing. She performs classical, rock, and pop music. The actress enjoys jazz, country, and pop music. Throughout high school, she competed in a number of music competitions. When Mila was younger, she took a modeling course as well.

After finishing her first year of college at the University of Auckland, the actor went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Pretoria, which she received in 2014. The parents of Mila Guy currently reside in Palmerston North. She intended to finish her second year of a BA in drama in South Africa, but the nation’s burgeoning theater scene persuaded her to stay and pursue a career there. [2]

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Personal life

Mila Man has a distinctive character. She is one of the top actors South Africa has ever produced. Even after spending some time growing up in New Zealand, the actress never lost her connection to her own country. She keeps sharpening her Afrikaans skills.

Mila makes the most of every moment. Her outgoing personality is evident in the social media images she posts of herself having fun with family and friends. For the actress, it seems like there is never a dull moment.

The actress adores maxi outfits with distinctive designs. Only her usually looks good in maxi outfits. She ought to wear more of these outfits so that her followers might get some wardrobe inspiration.

Career of Mila Guy

Mila Guy Biography
Image of actress Mila Guy

Nonnie in Dear Santa was the Mila Guy Hotel actress’s first significant film role, followed by the bride in Wonderlust. She acknowledged that the bride was the most difficult because the role depicts a highly conflicted emotional state.

Guy was cast in a brief film called Ballad for n Single, which gave her her first acting role. After then, she was cast as a babysitter in kykNET’s Binnelanders. After appearing in Binnelanders, her acting career took off. Mila transitioned to the magnificent comedy series Hotel, created by Bennie Fourie. She then appeared in the television series Bedford Wives and the SABC’s Keeping Score as a boxer. [3]


The talented actress has performed in various movies, theatre and television productions. Her exemplary acting style makes her one of the most sought-after actresses in the country. Some of the films she has starred in include:

• Dirty Laundry
• Dear Father Christmas
• Wonderlust
• Yogi Bear
• Laughing people
• Ballad for a single
• Heidi