Mechanic Manyereke, age,education, career and personal life

The gospel music ensemble Mechanic Manyeruke and the Puritans is from Zimbabwe. The group’s founder, Mechanic Manyeruke, was born on August 16, 1942, and is considered as one of Zimbabwe’s top five notable gospel music pioneers.

Biography profile of Mechanic Manyeruke

Mechanic Manyeruke Biography
Image of Joseph Magundwane

Full name : Joseph Magundwane, Mechanic Manyeruke
Gender : Male
Age : 81 years old
Date of birth : 16 August 1942
Place of birth : Gweru Rural, Midlands Province, Zimbabwe
Nationality : Zimbabwean
Occupation : singer

Early life

Joseph Magundwane, better known by his stage name Mechanic Manyeruke, was born on August 16, 1942, at St. Patrick’s Mission in rural Gweru, Zimbabwe’s Midlands Province.

The moniker was given to him by his second-eldest sibling because he enjoyed playing with various metal objects. His uncle Manyeruke took care of him after his father passed away. His title was changed to Mechanic Manyeruke.

Magudwane Mapwanyire and Hakuna Chihoko Mbano of Chiundura near Gweru have eleven children total, and one of them is named Manyeruke. At customary events and festivals, his father performed songs and dances with a focus on Mhande culture. [1]

Education of Mechanic Manyeruke

When his father passed away, he was still a little child in school, and none of his elder brothers could afford to pay for his school expenses to further his education. The brothers worked irregularly at a number of farms and enterprises and made meager wages. Manyeruke set out to find employment and eventually relocated as a young man to Salisbury, which is now Harare.

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Music career of Manyeruke

Mechanic Manyeruke Biography
Image of Joseph Magundwane

Gospel music was mostly ignored for a very long time, but Manyeruke and a few other performers remained in the at-the-time unprofitable sector.

In order to commemorate Easter in 1977, Jordan Chataika and Manyeruke collaborated live on stage at the African Service of the Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation, which is now the Voice of Zimbabwe Radio. Doors were opened for Manyeruke by the chance. He had been heard by RBC, and some of the presenters, like Sam Sibanda, enjoyed his guitar picking. Manyeruke was a trailblazer in Zimbabwe for the acceptance and influence of Gospel music. [2]

When the then Teal Records, (now Gramma Records), was unsure about the commercial success of Zakeyo, his debut album, Manyeruke’s motivation to record was almost put off. Teal Records’ Bothwell Nyamhondera, a sound engineer, toiled valiantly to persuade Abinel Mapfumo, the studio’s A&R manager, that the Zakeyo project would be a success.

Following independence, Leniah Chari, Lucia from Mabvuku, and one other girl created the Puritans. By that time, Manyeruke had an electric guitar playing along with a keyboard, two female singers, and the Puritans. Manyeruke’s 1986 album, according to Craig Harris in the All Music Guide, has “haunting beauty melodies that are unforgettable.”

Family of Manyeruke

Helena is the wife he has. Zvanakireni Matsivo, his first wife and a mother of two, passed away. After that, he got married to Mattie Charachera Dzemwa, who had three kids.

He is the father of well-known Zim Dancehall performer Emmanuel “Guspy Warrior” Manyeruke. They have residences in the Harare Metropolitan Province’s Zengeza, Chitungwiza, and Chikutubwe, which is 20 kilometers to the east of his birthplace. [3]



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