Mbaliyesizwe Mbali Ngiba detailed biography

Mbali Ngiba is a South African actress and singer best known for her starring role as Linda in the Mzansi Magic anthology miniseries Abangani, in 2013.

Biography Facts

Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba or just Mbali Ngiba biography aka Mrs Mthembu on Durban Gen
Image of Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba who plays Xolile Mthembu on Durban Gen.

Full name: Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba
Gender: Female
Birthday: 16 September
Place of birth: Durban, KwaZulu Natal Province
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actress, Singer
TV Shows: Abangani, Durban Gen, Isithembiso
Movies: The Right, The Last Fight
Years Active: 2002 to present
Height: 1.7m (170cm)

Early life and education of Mbali Ngiba

Mbali Ngiba was born on 16 September probably in the 1980s as Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba. She was born and raised in Durban, KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa.

After finishing her matric she attended Damelin college, one of the recommended colleges in South Africa. We currently do not know what she studied at Damelin college. In 2002 she graduated from Mbongeni Ngema Academy with a Dramatic Arts degree in Performance. [ ¹]

Acting career of Mbali Ngema

Image of Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba who plays Xolile Mthembu on Durban Gen.
Image of Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba who plays Xolile Mthembu on Durban Gen.

Mbali’s career began in 2002 when she played a lead role on a play called The Zulu at Durban Play House. In 2013 she made her television debut when she landed a role of playing Linda on Mzansi Magic anthology miniseries Abangani.

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After that she landed supporting roles in numerous television serials. Her first support role was in 2015 on Uzalo SABC1 soapie. In 2016 she landed her second support role of playing Welile on Mzansi Magic drama Greed And Desire. In 2018 she landed two supporting roles; the first one was to play Buhle on Mzansi Magic drama Isithembiso season two and the second one was to play Lab Technician on The River while it was still airing on 1Magic. [² ]

Then in 2021 she landed another supporting role on South African medical telenovela Durban Gen which airs on and e-extra playing Xolile Mthembu. She came back in the second season playing the same role in 2022 alongside Bhekisizwe Mahlawe.

Television serials

TV Shows- Seasons- Characters

  • Abangani – Season 1 – Linda
  • Durban Gen – Season 1 to season 2 – Xolile Mthembu
  • Easy Money – Season 1 – Emergency Nurse
  • Generations – Season 1 – Guest Star
  • Greed & Desire – Season 1 – Welile
  • Isithembiso – Season 2 – Buhle
  • The River – Season 1 – Lab Technician

Films where Mbali Ngiba

Mbali appeared in several films since she made a debut in the acting industry. Her first film experience was in 2013 on Mzansi Magic film The Right playing the role of Zodwa. In 2018 she landed another role in South African films playing a supporting role on The Last Fight directed by King Shaft.

Music career of Mbali Ngiba

Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba a Musician and Singer
Image of Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba a Musician and Singer.

Mbali is a musician and a singer. She has worked with several musicians such as Professor, DJ Active and SkyeWonde to bring her talent to light. One of her best singles is Shelela Oe which was produced by DJ Active, you can find it on Spotify, Amazon, Soundcloud, YouTube and Tidal just to name few platforms. [ ³]

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Below is the List of her songs she has released so far:

Discography of Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba

  • Emza – Gameplan 2020 (feat. Professor, Skyewonde
  • Ngizwide – Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba
  • Shelela Oe – Mbaliyesizwe produced DJ Active

Personal life of Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba

Mbali Ngiba biography. Here is her real life story.
Image of Mrs Ngiba in real life.

Mbaliyesizwe is not yet married but she has a child and we do not know yet who is the father of the child. She is on Facebook by the name Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba and on Instagram you can find her account @MbaliyesizweNgiba4, her previous Instagram account was hacked and it had a following of at least 240 thousand.