Meet Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi, Full Biography

Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi, also known as Toya Delazy, is a KwaZulu-Natal-born South African singer, producer, pianist, dancer, and performer who currently resides in London. At the 2013 BET Awards, Delazy was a contender for Best Foreign Artist.

Biography of Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi

Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi Biography
Image of Toya Delazy

Full name : Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi
Date of birth : Unknown
Place of birth : KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Education : Unknown
Height : 1.67m
Occupation : Singer and Princess
Known for : Uncommodified by Toya Delazy
Net worth : Unknown
Nationality : South African

Early life

In KwaZulu Natal, she was born and brought up as a princess. She, however, did not meet the expectations society had for her because she was and still is a tomboy. The princess was not always into music despite having very obvious musical roots; instead, she was an athlete. She had taken up a number of activities, including hockey, running, and even received a prize for her discus throw.

Her connection to music was sparked when she was a young kid and she would listen to classical music with her grandfather. Her great grandmother was also a composer. When she was six years old, she fell in love with the piano and enrolled in classical piano classes. She started writing her own songs and was an excellent player by the time she was 9 years old. [1]

Personal life and family history

The singing queen’s royal ancestry is well known. She is Princess Constance Magogo Sibilile Mantithi Ngangezinye kaDinuzulu’s great-granddaughter. The venerated guardian of Zulu tradition was her great-grandmother. She is also Mangosuthu Buthelezi’s granddaughter from the Inkatha Freedom Party. She is Zulu King uCetshwayo’s great-great-great-granddaughter.

Lethuxolo Buthelezi, her lone mother, passed away in a car accident in 2008. It was at this point that her life took a new direction. The activities she enjoyed the most in this example, sports did not pique her interest. Instead, she was drawn to music, which helped her feel better.

Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi, Toya Delazy’s father, passed away in 2017. He was absent from her life. She acknowledged this was a difficult fact to embrace on Twitter. She was left to rely on her grandparents for support since her parents were no longer around. She learned of her grandma’s passing in 2019 after receiving a call from her grandfather. She was at that time in London. [2]

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She prides herself on being a queer African woman and identifies as such. When Toya and her partner first met eight years ago, they instantly fell in love. She explained their courtship in the cutest Instagram caption she ever written for her.

She accepted her sexuality while writing the songs for her debut album, Due Drop. When she received three South African Music Awards for this record, she cemented her place among the greatest artists. Due Drop Deluxe, the final album she released while signed to the label, came out shortly after.

Career of Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi

Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi Biography
Image of Artist Toya Delazy

She enrolled in Howard College in Durban as soon as she graduated from high school in order to pursue music and improve her skills. She would perform at events and even put her album online to gain attention. She was once singing live when producer Markus Els contacted her and asked if she would want to record some of her songs.

It was at this point that her professional career began After moving to London, Delazy established her own record company, Delazy Records, and put out the 10-track mixtape Jetlag. She released her final album, Uncommodified*, in December 2017. As the third and last installment of her musical trilogy, she refers to this album as such. That demonstrates the freedom she has attained as an artist and the significance of living a life without apology. [3]

Social media

Toya Delazy Instagram: @toyadelazy
Twitter: @ToyaDelazy
Youtube: Toya Delazy Official Toya Delazy
Facebook: @Toyadelazy