Khaya Dladla detailed biography

Khaya Dladla was born on the 3rd of April 1990 in a township called Umlazi in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. Dladla is an actor, singer and a qualified marketer. He attended Varsity College and started acting at age 9. Since then he has won an award and is among the most loved actors. He is famous for his role on Uzalo as GC.

Khaya Dladla
A picture of Khaya Dladla as GC from house of Zwide

Full name: Khaya Dladla
Place of birth: Umlazi (Durban), Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
Date of birth: 3 April in 1990 (31 years)
Occupation: Actor
Education: Isipingo Hills Primary school, Brettonwood High School (matric of 2005), Bsc Marketing and communications, Diploma in Advertising (Varsity college).
Citizenship: South African
Known for: G.C on Uzalo and Lazarus from house of Zwide
Spouse: Mercutio Buthelezi
Parents: Reggie Dladla (Father), Thandi Dladla (Mother)
Net worth: R5,82 million (2020 estimate)

Khaya Dladla is the 5th among the six children from his mother. He grew up in a very secure society which shielded him from the abuse and violence. Dladla’s love for acting comes from long ago when he was child around the age of 6 to 9. While he was attending Isipingo Hills Primary school, he did a ballet perfomance at around the age of 6. This passion for acting and stage perfomances was to only keep on growing.

Early life of Khaya Dladla

Khaya Dladla was born on the 3rd of April 1990 to a couple, Reggie and Thandi Dladla. He is the 5th amongst the six children of that marriege. Dladla attended Isipingo Hills Primary school and was very active in stage performances and artistic activities. His love for acting began around the ages 6-9. Ever since, the passion for the craft only kept on growing and growing. He matriculated from Brentwood High school in 2005 and from there he furthered his education to obtain a B.A in Marketing and communications. Dladla furthermore attended Varsity College to recieve his Diploma in advertising. Khaya draws inspiration from great theatrical icons like Duma Ndlovu who writes and produces most of the soapies we see on screen.

Dladla’s career begginings

Dladla did start in the theatres like most actors. However, his big break was when he got the role of GC on Uzalo. GC is a gay man who was forced to marry a woman by his father. However, after his mother stood up for him, he was able to marry the love of his life Jojo. But, when Jojo leaves him, GC is left heartbroken and starts drinking immensely, leading to the bankruptcy of his saloon and loss of his home. However, later on, his parents reunite with him. When Dladla was asked how much of this related to him, he wasn’t slow to say, the only thing in common with him in this character was the s.e.xual orientation. The rest wasn’t, and that is because he grew up in a very dignified community which wasn’t homophobic and violent so he was shielded from all those stereotypes.

Dladla later got axed from the show only to be returned for a few weeks and axed again. But, that wasn’t the end of it, another door opened and he walked right through. Khaya got a longer stable contract with Bomb productions to play Lazarus in House of Zwide which replaced Etv’s Rhythm City. He said he liked the role because it deals with fashion and he gets fashion advice from one of the biggest names in the industry. It is thrilling and matches his flamboyant Aura.

Personal life, Relationships and Networth

Khaya Dladla buys a brand new car
Khaya Dladla and the saleswoman at SMG Ballito Car dealership where he recently bought his new car

Khaya Dladla is happily married to her long lover Mercutio Buthelezi. They have been dating for years now and only tied the knot late last year. Khaya had aforementioned that he would not date or marry anyone who was a singer, actor or in the industry and it seems he kept his promise. Mercutio saw the time was right and proposed and Khaya said yes. Many people get confused on her s.e.xual orientation, Khaya Dladla is proudly gay or homos.e.xual. In fact, he declined certain jobs because of how they were exploiting his s.e.xual orientation. Saying that he didn’t want to be known for playing the gay role all the time and that he was an actor who happens to be gay.

Speaking of personal life, Khaya Dladla recently bought himself a car. A BMW sedan from the SMG Ballito car dealership in Durban. He flew there a few days ago and shared snaps of his journey on instagram. Later that day he shared snaps of his beautiful luxurious car and captioned it “Good things come to those who HUSTLE”. A very accurate statement indeed following his life trail. Dladla has an estimated Networth of $400K which estimates to R5,84 million rands.