Gugu Khathi biography: wife to DJ Tira age, career, children

Gugu Mbabama Khathi biography

Gugu Khathi is a 31-year-old South African entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer and motivational speaker. She is best known by South Africans and the world at large as DJ Tira’s wife.

Biography Facts

DJ Tira's wife Gugu Khathi
Image of DJ Tira’s wife Gugu Khathi.

Full name: Gugu Mbabama Khathi
Gender: Female
Date of birth: October 25, 1990 (age – 31)
Place of Birth: Soweto, Gauteng Province
Nationality: South Africa
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer
Spouse: DJ Tira (m- 2016)
Children: 3

Early age of Gugu Khathi

Gugu Khathi was born on 25 October 1990 in Soweto, Gauteng Province in South Africa. She was also raised in Soweto where she obtained her basic education and attended high school.

Education of Gugu

She received her high school education at Princess High School. After that she enrolled at the University of South Africa (Unisa) where she obtained a psychology degree.

Career of Gugu Khathi

DJ Tira's Wife whose real name is Gugu Kathi is businesswoman
DJ Tira’s Wife whose real name is Gugu Khathi is businesswoman

Gugu started her career as a dancer then she entered into the business environment. After that she started to do beauty and styling but she couldn’t proceed with it as didn’t obtained any success from it.

She stayed goal-oriented and motivated, and in 2015, she opened a beautiful hair salon and spar in Ruimsig, South Africa. Her entrepreneurship skills led her to pursue a career in real estate, and she now owns a number of landed properties. [ ¹]

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Personal life of Gugu Khathi

Image of DJ Tira and his Wife Gugu Khathi
Image of DJ Tira and his Wife Gugu Khathi.

Gugu is married to DJ Tira whose real name is (Mthokozisi Khathi). The couple got married after 18 years of seeing each other and dating. They’ve been married for 5 years and they consider each other best friends which makes their relationship easier than most marriages. Their marriage was blessed with three children and DJ Tira and Gugu are an example of our modern happy home.

According to Gugu, her husband DJ Tira feels fulfilled when he discovers new talent and doesn’t like negativity.

“He enjoys watching young people succeed. He goes above and above to assist. This man has visited young brilliant people living in squatter camps, sat on damaged beds, all in the hopes of assisting them in escaping their circumstances and realising their ambitions. Negative energy has no effect on him. He is always trying to think and feel good, and he avoids anything that may make him feel bad, and his energy is contagious to everyone around him.” Gugu stated. [ ²]

Controversy of Gugu Khathi

Gugu was once reported by the media to be involved in conflicts with her neighbour. Their conflict escalated to a point of taking each to court. What actually happened is, Cynthia O’Neal assaulted the Afrotainment boss’s wife Gugu Khathi and they both laid charges against each other. It appears that Gugu took the Law into her own hands and assaulted back miss O’Neill.

Gugu allegedly confronted the O’Neils at their home in November 2019 and accused them of throwing an object at her son’s car in the first incident. Gugu was thrown to the ground and dragged on the floor by the O’Neils after they ordered her to leave their property, which resulted in her leg being injured and her being taken to the hospital. During the altercation, Gugu is said to have hit O’Neil in the face, prompting the two to file charges against each other. [ ³]

Social media of Gugu Khathi

Gugu is on Instagram and Facebook and she post slaying pictures now and again. Her Instagram has more than 600 thousand followers which is more than half a million. Her Instagram account handles is @gugu.kathi which the only (by the time of writing) Instagram account by the Name Gugu Kathi with proof of verification, that blue tick.

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