Get to Know Frank Rautenbach, real name, age,Networth and career

Actor and producer Frank Rautenbach, born Leon Francois Rautenbach on May 12, 1972, is from South Africa. His most well-known performances were in the movies Faith Like Potatoes, The Bang Bang Club, and Hansie: A True Story.

Biography of Frank Rautenbach

Frank Rautenbach Biography
Image of Frank Rautenbach

Full name : Frank Rautenbach
Date of birth : 12 May 1972
Place of birth : East London, South Africa
Education : Unknown
Height : 183cm
Occupation : Actor and Producer
Known for : The bang bang club
Net worth : $150 000
Nationality : South African

Early life

Rautenbach was born on 12 May 1972 in East London, South Africa. His childhood is unknown of. However, it seems like he also knew about his calling from an early age. As to the details of how he nurtured this calling, we simply lack that information. [1]

Education of Frank Rautenbach

His educational background is also unknown. However, he revealed that he did most of his early schooling in East London where he grew up. However, as aforementioned we don’t know the particular details of it.

Personal life

Frank Rautenbach Biography
Image of Frank and his wife Leigh Rautenbach

He is married to production manager, Leigh Rautenbach since February 24, 1996. And they have been married for almost 27 years right now. However, it’s unknown as to whether or not the couple has children or not. But, it is assumed they but just keep them private. [2]

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Career of Frank Rautenbach

With Regardt van den Bergh’s Faith Like Potatoes, he made his feature picture debut in 2006. A biographical drama, the movie is based on Angus Buchan’s novel. He appeared in the 2008 van den Bergh biographical sports film Hansie. He portrayed former South African cricketer Hansie Cronjé, the movie’s main character. Following that achievement, he went on to play the lead in The Bang Bang Club.

A biographical movie about the lives of four photojournalists who worked in South Africa’s slums during the apartheid era. Critics gave the movie a variety of ratings. He played the character “Patterson” in the 2019 season of the martial arts crime drama television series Warrior. In that year, the movie experienced great success. He joined the cast of the well-known soap opera 7de Laan in 2020 and portrayed the supporting character “Tiaan Terreblanche”.

Net worth

Since making his acting debut in 2005, Frank Rautenbach has advanced farther in the film industry. As an actor, producer, writer, author, and speaker for film and television, he makes a fortune. As of October 2022, he has a net worth of $200,000, according to SA Notify. [3]

Social media Frank Rautenbach

Frank set up accounts on social media to share a sneak glimpse of his work. He advertises himself and his works on various platforms. The actor uses these profiles to promote his newest ventures and features. Additionally, he shares photos of himself and his loved ones.

Instagram: @frank_rautenbach
Facebook: @FrankRautenbach