Energy Slyvester Chizanga Biography

Energy Slyvester Chizanga  born on the 22nd of June 1988 (age-33 years old) is a Zimbabwean  Zimdancehall artist and a Songwriter Aka Freeman is well-known for his first single  Joina City which made him rose to prominence.

  Biography profileEnergy is a well-known Zimbabwean artist

Full name : Energy Slyvester Chizanga

Gender : Male

Date of birth : 22 June 1988

Place of birth : Bindura, Mashonaland Central province,Zimbabwe

Age : 33 years old

Nationality : Zimbabwean

Occupation  : Zimdancehall artist and a Songwriter

As know as : Freeman,Hkd boss, Doctor wemagitare

Energy Slyvester Chizanga Early age

Energy Slyvester Chizanga Aka Freeman
A well-known Zimbabwean artist Freeman

Energy Slyvester Chizanga Aka Freeman was born on the 22nd of June 1988 is a Zimbabwean artist and a Songwriter well-known for his first single Joina City. He was born in Bindura Mashonaland Crentral province in a family of 6. He started his first single at the age of 18 and got helped to release it by his friend Nhubu Wemanuff. After that he went on and record the song Ndokupa rudo which many thought was a song by Trinta. Energy Slyvester Chizanga then got married to Barbra Chinhete and dated for 6 years. He paid three cattles and undisclosed amount to the in-laws. [1]

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He attended primary school at Nyarukunda and further completed his High school at Chipadze.


He started his music career in 2009. Energy recorded his first track Unondipa rudo  produced by Wemanuff Nhubu. He was a professional soccer player, playing for Mwana Africa F.C. In the late 2000s he worked as butcher man in waterfalls. As an underground artist he continued to record more tracks. Energy never looked back he kept on releasing more hits such as Shaina Mwana iwe and Doctor wemagitare. He performed  overseas in the United kingdom alongside other Zimbabwean artists such as Tocky vibes and Nox Guni. He is one of the most established Zimdancehall artist in Zimbabwe. In 2019 he worked with Sungura musician, Alick Macheso and released the song Ngaibake quiet popular.

Energy Slyvester Chizanga Discography


varidzi vezvinhu(2014)

. Last man standing

Mangoma hobo (2016)

.Gango (2019)


Kurambwa ndaramba

. Vanondigayira