Caleb Anderson biography


Caleb Anderson, born in 2008 (age – 13 years old), is an American child prodigy who is well known for enrolling at college at the age of 11. He started learning to speak and write before the age of one, and by three, he could speak Spanish, French, Mandarin, English, and American Sign Language.

Biography Profile

Caleb Anderson a child prodigy
Image Caleb Anderson a child prodigy with his parents.

Full name: Caleb Anderson
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 2008
Age: 13 years old
Place of birth: Georgia, USA
Nationality: American
Race: Black
Occupation: Studying Aerospace Engineering
Known for: Child Prodigy

Personal life of Caleb

Caleb Anderson is a 13 year old American prodigy child who was born in Georgia, in United States of America. His father’s name is Kobi Anderson and his mother is Claire Anderson. Caleb had showed extraordinary childhood characteristics as he had higher IQ than his peers. His father accompanies him at college since he is still young but he is of no help to him since Caleb knows better pertaining his studies than his father. “He has far surpassed me in math, so I can’t help him anymore. Seriously! He’s in calculus two now!” said Kobi speaking to 11Alive. ¹

Prominence for prodigy

Caleb started to learn to read and write before the age of one. At the age of two he began to learn to read the United States Constitution. As a three-year-old, he was already speaking Spanish, French and Mandarin in addition to English. According to his family, by nine months , he was able to sign over 250 words, and by 11-months-old, he was speaking and reading.

At age five, the special young man joined MENSA, the organization which recognizes people who have an IQ in the top 2% of the world. That made Caleb the youngest Black boy to get the recognition. But the standout student also wanted a challenge as he attended classes from elementary to high school. In 2019 when he was 11 years old he enrolled for Aerospace Engineering at Chattahoochee Technical College in Marietta, Georgia.