Byron McNeil biography: age, nationality and career

Byron McNeil is a 29-year-old Zimbabwean-born and South African actor who is popularly known for playing as Jason, Shria Rampersad‘s boyfriend and a Lawyer in Imbewu The Seed. He appeared in numerous short films, theatre plays and commercials before his big break.

Biography Facts

Byron McNeil or Byron McNeill as Jason from Imbewu The Seed.
Image of Byron McNeil who plays Jason from Imbewu The Seed.

Full name: Byron McNeil
Gender: Male
Date of birth: January 28, 1994
Place of birth: Zimbabwe
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actor
TV Shows: Imbewu The Seed
Height: 181cm (1.81m)

Early life of Byron McNeil

Byron McNeil was born in Zimbabwe on 28 January 1994. His family relocated to Mtubatuba in KwaZulu Natal Province, South Africa in 1999. Growing up in Mtubatuba, Byron fell in love with acting and he acquainted himself with acting skills from various sources. He was also involved in all his school’s theatre productions which helped him to sharpen his skills and love for arts.

Education of Byron McNeil

BYRON MCNEIL probably during childhood matric dance. He is now Jason in Imbewu
Image of Byron, probably at Matric dance.

McNeil fell in love with high school supper theatre “Shakespeare” after moving to Richards Bay in 2008. He received the prize for finest actor at the conclusion of each year. This made the decision between being a chef and acting pretty simple following matriculation.

After his matric, he relocated to Durban to study at AFDA. Byron did a lot of film work at AFDA which include directing, shooting and acting in a film every semester. Then he graduated from AFDA in March 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in live performance. [ ¹]

Acting Career of Byron McNeil

Theatre career

Image of Byron McNeil playing Jason on Imbewu alongside Kajal Maharaj as Shria Rampersad.
Image of Byron McNeil playing Jason on Imbewu alongside Kajal Maharaj as Shria Rampersad.

After finishing his studies at AFDA, McNeil appeared in short films, theatre plays, commercial adverts and television dramas. The first theatre play he starred in was Murder on Mondays directed by Preven Reddy where he played a lead role in 2015.

In 2018 he played two supporting roles, one was in Camelot by Kickstart Productions and in Hook Or By Crook directed by Rajesh Gopie. The following year he played a supporting role in Romeo and Juliet directed by Menzi Mkwane and produced by Namalandi Creative.

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Films and television dramas where Byron McNeill appeared

In 2017 Byron McNeill appeared in two films. The first one was Deep End by Go Big Productions where he had a cameo role and the second one was on a short film called Times Up Vinny produced by Durban Films Commission. In 2018 he played a lead role in a web series called Freedom Street. Then in 2019 he had a supporting role in a short film called Head Up directed by Kyle Smith.

McNeil made his big break when he made his debut appearance in Imbewu The Seed playing Jason, Shria Rampersad’s (by Kajal Maharaj) boyfriend and a Lawyer.

Other works of McNeill

His other work include working behind the scene as a camera loader or as a camera assistant in films like Kandasamys Wedding, 3 Day to Go, Brothers For Life and Comatose. In 2018 he was in Top 20 of MTV Base VJ Search. He also appeared in commercial adverts such as featuring in 2016 Abbott Health Care and playing a lead role in 2018 Bed and Breakfast advert. [ ²]

Byron is also a Singer who has appeared in numerous theatres and plays as a singer.

Personal life of Byron McNeil

Byron is a normal height man of 1.81m which is considerably tall in South Africa. He speaks English as a language of communication. The rising star currently lives in Durban in KwaZulu Natal Province. And pertaining to his social media life, the only social media account we know is his Facebook account where he updates his fans and followers.

McNeil enjoys reading and viewing in addition to acting. At AFDA, he discovered that the best homework is to watch everything related to performance, such as classic films. “I’m starting to watch theatrical plays now, and it’s really helping.” As a result, theatre and film are always on my mind. It’s my existence. “I adore it.”

Working strange hours doesn’t give much time for socialising, so McNeil prioritises time with family and friends, having missed two weddings since rehearsals began. Most people are unaware of his fondness for isolation. “I enjoy being alone myself. I can sit and listen to music for hours, figuring out what’s going on in my life.” [ ³]

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