AKA’s relationships timeline, is he misunderstood or just manipulative

We will look at AKA's relationships timeline
We will look at AKA’s relationships timeline.

We will look at AKA’s relationships timeline. AKA is a very controversial person. With his name popping in and out of the media every now and then. And recently, there were claims of him emotionally abusive and manipulative by his ex girl friend Nicole Nyembe. There’s almost always something questionable about him. So, is he just misunderstood or there’s more to it?

In recent days, Forbes was reported to be allegedly broke and looking to bet way for income. While that may seem to be a funny joke. There’s more, but before we get into his recent relationship controversy. Let’s start with how his public relationships rolled out.

The DJ Zinhle and Bonang Era: AKA’s relationships timeline

Forbes began dating producer DJ Zinhle at the end of 2014. After receiving several South African Hip Hop Awards accolades, Zinhle hinted at their relationship by tweeting “Congratulations to my winner”. A tweet which was understood as, a hint a relationship by tweet critics. The woke guys. And they were absolutely right!

I’m 2015, the then officialized couple had a daughter named Kairo Olwethu Forbes, who was born on the 8th of July 2015. Then in August 2015, Forbes and Zinhle split after it was revealed that Forbes allegedly cheated on Zinhle with television presenter Bonang Matheba. Of which allegations he and Bonang vehemently denied.

But.. After a year, they just couldn’t hold it in anymore and announced that they were in a relationship. While that may have seemed like things working out for Matheba, the couple broke up a year later. Phew, that’s a lot of breaking up. But, we’re just starting.

After, Forbes and Matheba broke up in December 2017. He got back together with his baby mama Zinhle in late 2018, then broke up again in 2019. Don’t you judge them on your high horse. You don’t know their full story. Things happen. But not mostly like this.

How Anele Tembe comes into the picture

Anyways On the 21st February 2021, Forbes posted a picture on Instagram announcing his engagement to girlfriend Nelli Tembe. On 11 April 2021, Tembe died after a fall from a hotel in Cape Town. And there were some speculations that the rapper pushed her after a video of him breaking down a door resurfaced on the internet from news outlets like news24 and others.

The video was said to demonstrate that AKA was probably violent since Anele was Scared in that video. The incident allegedly took place in Johannesburg, in Bryanston where his apartment was. And all that later faded as new information came with unverified accusations of Anele being on drugs. Of which her father didn’t really believe.

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And, Anele wasn’t the only one accused of drugs but Following the death of his fiancé Nellie Thembe, reports emerged that Forbes had been on drugs. Forbes then issued a public statement in response saying he would not be drawn into exposing their troubles as a couple to defend himself against so called “one-sided views”.

Fast forward to 2022 on AKA’s relationships timeline

In early 2022, fellow rapper Nadia Nakai and Forbes came out as a couple and have since been parading their relationship with vacations, posts and public statements about their relationship. People had alot to say since Nakai was his long time enemy Cassper Nyovest’s signee to his record label Family Tree Records.

The Kiernan Forbes and Nicole Nyaba Scandal

Now, while that may have seemed like the end of it. Remember that 2018 period with Bonang Matheba. Well, that’s kinda where another person comes in, a woman we didn’t mention cuz pretty much most of South Africa didn’t know about her. Her name is Nicole Nyaba.

Well, she came into the public eye very recently. Like as in yesterday or so. Claiming that Kiernan was abusive to her. Well, not exactly in that physical sense but emotionally. She accuses him 0f being manipulative to her. Treating her romantically just to trick her into submission.

She even claimed that the rapper set her career back a good 5 years backwards. Not so much good news for the rapper. But that’s not it. She said the rapper was a romantic but a “devil”. Also claimed that he made it impossible for her to meet new peoples which would’ve progressed her career.

So, was Kiernan emotionally abusive or manipulative? Well, the rapper took to Tshisa live to respond to these shocking allegations. Literally, they were shocking to him. Apparently the couple date somewhere in 2018, and according to Kiernan, he doesn’t understand how he set her back since he last saw her five years ago.

Even though the argument seems inconclusive. You can agree with me that Kiernan is a good deal of controversy. And while he said he has no beef with Nicole, calling her “a really nice girl” and “wishing her well”. One thing is for sure, he has been quite a controversial person.