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Tlhopie Motsepe is a 32-year-old South African entrepreneur and the current Mamelodi Sundowns chairman. He is well known for being Patrice Motsepe’s son and became more prominent when he became the chairman of Mamelodi Sundowns.

Biography Facts

Tlhopie Motsepe as Mamelodi Sundowns chairman.
Image of Tlhopie Motsepe as Mamelodi Sundowns chairman.

Full name: Tlhopane Butana Chane Motsepe
Gender: Male
Date of birth: June 12, 1989 (age- 32)
Place of birth: South Africa
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Mamelodi Sundowns Chairman
Parents: Patrice Motsepe and Precious Moloi-Motsepe

Early life of Tlhopie Motsepe

Tlhopie Motsepe was born on 12 June 1989 in South Africa. He was probably born in Soweto, Gauteng Province, where his father lived before moving to Pretoria. But some sources claims he was born in Durban, KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa.

Tlhopie is the first born son of Patrice Motsepe and his mother is Precious Moloi-Motsepe. He has two more siblings after him, Kgosi Motsepe and Kabelo Motsepe.

Education of Tlhopie Motsepe

After finishing his matric, Tlhopie enrolled at the University of Witswaterstrand where he graduated with Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Affairs – Psychology.

Career of Tlhopie Motsepe

Patrice Motsepe's son Tlhopie Motsepe at Sundowns
Patrice Motsepe’s son Tlhopie Motsepe at Sundowns

Tlhopie is one kind of a privileged young person who inherited millionaire’s life from his father. This means getting into business was easy since his father Patrice Motsepe is a millionaire who got most of his wealth from gold mines. So, we cannot talk about Tlhopie Motsepe without talking about the root of his career, his father.

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As the first born son, he learnt business from his father so he is a businessman. His father, Mr Patrice Motsepe is the owner of Mamelodi Sundowns, since he became the majority shareholder after buying 37% in the Blue Bulls Co.

So When his father left Mamelodi Sundowns to become Confederation of African Football (CAF) President between 2020 and 2021, he left his eldest son, Tlhopie Motsepe in charge, as the chairman of the football club. The position does not allow a sitting president to own a club or be part of a federation. Hence Patrice Motsepe was forced to step aside and handover the position to his son.

Tlhopie Motsepe’s career highlights as Sundowns chairman

Tlhopie has done so much for the team since gaining the job of chairman from his father. He announced a collaboration with Roc Nation, one of the world’s leading athlete management and entertainment businesses, in 2021. It was formed by Jay-Z, the well-known American rapper who has had a successful career as a songwriter, businessman, and media mogul.

Tlhopie pulled off a coup in September 2021 when he secured the services of two top LaLiga Uefa Pro Licensed coaches for an exclusive workshop for Sundowns’ technical, academy, and scouting staff at the club’s headquarters in Chloorkop, south of Pretoria. The gurus – Toni Alvarez and Luis Martinez – nlaid bare some of the secrets of LaLiga, which has been the bedrock of Spanish football for many years. [ ¹]

Spain won the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and LaLiga clubs have won the Uefa Champions League title more than other teams from other countries. Which is why Tlhopie invited these gurus to meet up with them. Alvarez and Martinez were accompanied by LaLiga Southern Africa Managing Director Marcos Pelegrin, and the emphasis was on coaching, football methodology and the development of the game model.

Strides in Sundowns women team

The junior Motsepe has showed great leadership skills also for Sundowns women side. In 2021 Sundowns women side defeated Zimbabwe Black Rhinos females team. After defeating Black Rhinos Queens of Zimbabwe in the final in Durban, Sundowns were proclaimed the first winners of the 2021 CAF Women’s Champions League Qualifying.

Tlhopie Motsepe personal life and Social media and other works

The present and Chairman of Mamelodi Sundowns Tlhopie Motsepe
Image of the president and chairman of Mamelodi Sundowns.

Tlhopie’s personal life is mostly private so his wife or marital status is not known yet. The businessman and Sundowns chairman is on Instagram but his Instagram is private so you can not see what he posts unless he approves. [ ²]

Tlhopie is not just interested in soccer but in empowering others, mostly children who are underprivileged. On his LinkedIn, he showed that he volunteered for Motsepe Foundation. Which is one of the largest philanthropic organisations on the continent. [ ³]

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