Rhythm City actors receives fat cheques as the show comes to an end

Rhythm city to stop broard casting
Rhythm city to stop broard casting

Etv popular drama series Rhythm city has been canceled from airing and its actors has been awarded fat pay cheques. According to the producers of this drama series, is coming to an end on 16 July 2021 where it will publish its last episode. 

The show which was launched 13 years ago is coming to an end, which will leave most fans broken hearted.
The etv popular soap had gained​ the hearts of million South Africans. It’s viewers​ had reached 5.2 million, counting adults only. It was already ranking in Top 10 of South Africa’s most watched telenovelas.

Marlon Davids, Managing Director at e.tv, explained, “e.tv continues to look forward to fulfilling its mandate of producing exceptional and relevant local content, and the production has successfully achieved its part of the obligation throughout the past 13 years. Rhythm City has secured its place in e.tv‘s history books, and a legacy mark has been made. We want to extend our gratitude to the entire production staff, crew, and cast for their incomparable craft.”

e.tv would like to unequivocally thank the show’s production team Quizzical Pictures, for their unwavering dedication and passion that has gone into the hard work of producing the multi-award-winning drama.

Over the past decade, Rhythm City has given viewers a delicious mix of earth-shattering rivalry, overwhelming big loves, debilitating betrayals, and unforgettable duplicitous behaviour. The next few months of the show will have a strong focus on finalising prominent plot lines, some of which, like the introduction of Suffocates long lost adoptive son Pule, will take fan favourites back into time, to when it all started.

The decision to decommission the drama is part of Business strategy, which includes reviewing show’s on-air-life cycle.

Rhythm city will be replaced by another interesting drama. For now Rhythm city will continue to air at 19:00 followed by Scandal on etv.

Rhythm City actors are receiving a fat pay cheques 

Etv is extending its hand of appriciation to Rhythm City actors or cast by paying them a generous amount of money for their service. The fat pay cheque each Rhythm city actor is receiving will also serve as a farewell gift. Phil Mphela, an entertainment vlogger and blogger shared recently on social media, the news through a video. 

“etv confirmed that there will be money given as a farewell gift to the people working on the show. The cash is not specifically sereance package but it has been worked out within the ambit of labour law,” said Sine the Voice Artist.


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